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Optum Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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Around September, Optum visited our campus for the role of Software Engineer – Full Stack Engineer. The process was carried forward in three stages – A written test, Technical Interview, and an HR interview. The eligible branches were CSE, IT, ECE, and EEE with 7+ CGPA and NAB. The entire process was conducted virtually.

Stage 1: Written Test: The test was conducted on the HirePro platform and consisted of Aptitude questions, logical reasoning, and verbal questions which were of easy difficulty. Next was the technical section which consisted of CS-related MCQs(Computer Networks, DBMS, OS, DSA). And the last section consisted of one easy coding question. The question I got was to find how many subsequences of an array had a sum of the given target sum. I solved it using the brute force approach.

Out of maybe 400+ students who attempted the test, only 121 got shortlisted for the next round.

Stage 2: Technical Interview: I received my interview link one day before the slot allotted. A few students gave their interviews through MS Teams and a few through HirePro. I gave my interview through HirePro. 

  • It started with the interviewer introducing himself and asking me to introduce myself. I did and he asked a few questions about the workshops I attended and my projects. 
  • Then he immediately asked me which language I am comfortable with and I replied saying that its Python. 
  • He then asked two easy questions to code in python which uses a list and a dictionary. I solved them and he asked me about OOPs and Inheritance. Then Interface and Abstract gave me two queries and asked me to write the code in MySQL. I did the first one and was told that I didn’t know how to do the second one. 
  • Then he asked me about Normalization and its forms. I could explain only till 2NF and be told that I didn’t know the other two well(I am from ECE BTW). 
  • Then he said that he is done with the interview and asked if I had anything to ask, and I asked him a question and the interview concluded. 

It was scheduled for 45 mins and it got concluded within 20 mins I was internally crying the entire day thinking that a wonderful opportunity was gone from my hands. Then the next day I received an SMS from superset stating that I got shortlisted for the next round. I was taken by surprise since I didn’t receive any mail from the college regarding this. And after waiting for a few minutes, I got the confirmation for the next round.

Stage 3: HR Interview: For this round, out of 121 students, 61 got shortlisted this round was just a formality they had to finish and they took everyone who got shortlisted for the HR round.


  • Be confident. Even if you don’t know the answer, tell confidently that you don’t know. Don’t waste their time. This was one of the factors that helped me because even though I kinda knew that I bombed my interview, I kept a smile on my face and was confident the entire time. 
  • Mention the extra-curricular activities you participated in your college. In my case, I attended Design Thinking Workshop and he was interested in that and asked many questions related to that. So do mention a few activities.
  • Explain your technical projects very well and do know about AngularJS and ReactJS thoroughly if you are also being interviewed for the FSE role. 
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Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2022
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