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Ontic Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus) 2022

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The company visited our college in August 2022 for hiring.

Round-1: In this round, there were 3 DSA-based problems of easy-medium level. There were different sets of questions of all, mine was the following.

  • Simple BFS problem
  • Given a list of items (price, rating). For each query (L, R), find the item whose price varies b/w L and R, and has the highest rating. (segment tree)
  • Given matrix n x m with values 1 to n*m one time each and integer d. for each query (src, dest), find the total cost of going from src to dest. At each step, you can only go from number x to x+d with cost as euclidian distance b/w those to blocks in the matrix. return -1 if not possible. (greedy-map)

38 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round-2 (Technical round-1): (60 min)

  • Intro (little bit talk on hobbies)
  • Discussion on projects
  • How the browser renders HTML (DOM)
  • The data structure of DOM (n-ary tree)
  • Given n-ary tree A and B, given one node of A, find node in B at the same place. [ parallel traversal, make path pattern — write pseudocode ]
  • How to erase node in singly LinkedList, Can we erase tail? (had discussion).
  • Sum easy questions of the array

Out of 38 students, 15 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round-3 (Technical round-2): (45 min)

  • Maximum sum sub-matrix (print sum and indexes) – write pseudocode
  • Two easy LinkedList questions
  • Functionalities of full-stack projects
  • What is ReactJs, virtual DOM
  • Promise in javascript — async-await
  • Discussion on javascript

Round-4 (HR round): (20 min)

  • Tell me something that is not in the resume
  • What did you like in the Pre-Placement talk, what can be improved
  • Biggest strengths and weakness
  • What is new happening in the front-end part (optimization, updates)
  • Any questions 

The interviewers were nice and friendly. The language (during discussion) was not a barrier during the interview. Finally, 5 students got the offer.

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Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2023
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