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OFSS Interview Experience for Associate Consultant FTE (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2022
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OFSS or Oracle Financial Software Services came to our campus for the recruitment drive for the role of Associate Consultant. We got the invite mail around 15 days before the test.

Round 1 – Coding/Technical Test

  • Sections: 9 Questions in total. The first three questions were complete coding questions. 
    • Question 1: DSA-based (Count Complementary Pair)
    • Question 2: REST API ( Given API URL, take input from the body and fetch output)
    • Question 3: DBMS (Query writing)

The last 6 questions were MCQs based on Prefix/Postfix, topological sort, graph, tree, etc. This exam was for 1 Hour and 45 Mins, which seemed enough to me overall. The test was hosted on hackerrank and was completely proctored.
Difficulty: The overall test in my opinion was between easy and medium. I faced problems while running js code for the REST API question, the instructions didn’t seem as clear to me.

  • Got the result 2 days later that I cleared the test. No scores were displayed. Out of 120 people who took the test, 27 were selected for the next round.

Round 2 Technical/HR Interview: Platform: Zoom. The interview was scheduled within a week of the test. I received the invite for the interview one day prior, via mail. When I joined the meeting, there were multiple candidates present, and all of us were kept in a waiting breakout room.

  • Technical Round 1: I was moved into a new breakout room for my first technical interview. The interviewer greeted me with a smile and seemed very friendly overall. He then asked for ID proof and started with my introduction. After I introduced myself he asked me about my internships, and what I did. I had mentioned being the scrum master during my internship, so there were questions about that. Overall he went very deep in my projects and internships about the tech stack, idea, approach, etc. Then he moved on to our college curriculum and asked about some subjects that we are learning. As I mentioned blockchain and Data Science, he asked me to give an overview of both topics. After this, he asked me if I had any questions, and then wished me good luck and moved me back to the waiting room. At this point, I wasn’t aware of the second round, But after 10 mins they moved me to another breakout room with a new interviewer
  • Technical Round 2: The second interviewer greeted me and asked for my introduction again. She seemed friendly in beginning and introduced herself. She then also asked me about my projects and internships and asked me the meaning of APIs and REST API. Then she asked me if in my last interview I was asked to code. I said no, so she invited me to a hackerrank code pair session. First, on a whiteboard, I was given a number series, and I had to find the next number. It took me a while to get the right idea, but I solved it successfully. After this, she opened a new window with a code editor. In this, I was asked to write a simple code about checking palindrome for a string. I immediately wrote the code, but she stopped on my last line and told me that she understood my approach, but asked if I had any other unique approach to the same. After this, she seemed satisfied with my approach and ideas. Then she moved on and asked me some basics about shell scripting and computer networks. She then asked me some HR questions and tried to test my awareness. I was asked about what bank I use and who was the chairperson there. Another question was about why banks require KYC every few years iI had any idea.

After these 2 rounds, I was asked to leave the meeting altogether and was told that they would communicate my results to our placement department. After a few hours, we got our final results and I got selected.

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