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Nvidia Interview Experience | Set 4 (On Campus)

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I had a campus interview of NVIDIA for their team at Pune.

Round 1 : Written Test
In written test there were 50 multiple choice questions divided into 3 sections, time allocated was 60 min. No negative markings were there but there were sectional cut offs for every section. There were 3 sections in the test
Section 1 : 30 questions on C, C++, DS, Algorithms ( questions were like find out the output, which type of errors, flow of program, memory management, pointers, array, structure, linked list, stack, BST, AVL trees, etc. )
Section 2 : 10 questions on Operating System ( questions like memory management algorithms, deadlock, find process time, look-aside buffer memory, process scheduling, etc. )
Section 3 : last 10 questions were Analytical, which include logical reasoning, number series, logical puzzles, etc.

Total 150 students were appeared for the written test out of which 31 were shortlisted.

Round 2 : Technical Interview I
Before entering into the room we had some talk, they were very cool !
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Asked questions from every section of resume( mostly focused on projects )
3. What is booting process of linux operating system
4. Questions on android, how is the project structure, manifest file, life cycle and some tricky questions on android
5. Puzzle lamp-bridge
6. Write code for tic-tac-toe game
7. Write graphic program for ball bouncing on wal
8. How to implement the logcat of android studio?
9. What is CUDA? Write CUDA program to add two array by their index
10. How many maximum threads can you create? What is block? What is grid?
11. Concepts of C++ like Virtual functions, Inheritance, Constructors, static variables etc.
12. Why we use virtual functions? How they are implemented?
13. Questions on Hadoop
Out of 31 they shortlisted 9 people for second technical interviewRound 3 :

Technical Interview II
Interview was with senior manager
1. Start with projects discussions, asked me to show the code of my projects and explain it in
2. You have an application that writes 1 to 1000 in a file, write another application which will
close the first application once the first application writes the numbers upto 100.
3. Do you know Linux? (as I had mentioned it in my resume) write down basic commands
4. Write a code for ls command (input was a directory name)
5. Booting process in detail
6. Can you change the grub? If yes then how?
7. If you kill a parent process then what will happen ?
8. Write CUDA program for matrix multiplication? What are the different ways to do the same problem?
9. How do we synchronize threads in CUDA?
10. Is it possible to change the action of certain keys? if yes then how?
From 9 they shortlisted only 3 people for HR interview

Round 4 : HR Interview
1. Introduction
2. How was the selection process?
3. What is Nvidia? Who is the CEO? Basically the history about Nvidia
4. Why do you want to join Nvidia?
5. Ask me for which other companies from our campus you went for
6. What are the things that you like about Nvidia?
7. Asked about future studies. why do I want to work and not want to go for PG.
8. Do you have any question for us?

All the 3 students got selected for NVIDIA

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Last Updated : 09 Apr, 2017
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