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Node.js URL Complete Reference

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  • Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2021
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The ‘url’ module provides utilities for URL resolution and parsing. The getters and setters implement the properties of URL objects on the class prototype, and the URL class is available on the global object.

The Complete list of URL is listed below:

Node.js URL() Method

Node URL.hash API

Node API

Node URL.origin API

Node URL.username API

Node API

Node URL.port API

Node URL.pathname API

Node URL.password API

Node URL.href API

Node URL.hostname API

Node url.toString() Method

Node URL.toJSON() Method

Class: URLSearchParams

Legacy URL API

Legacy urlObject

Node.js url.domainToUnicode() Method

Node URL.pathToFileURL API

Node URL.fileURLToPath API

Node url.parse(urlString, parseQueryString, slashesDenoteHost) API

Special Schemes of Node URL.protocol API

Node URL.protocol API

Node URL.domainToASCII

Node URL.domainToUnicode

Node URL.resolve(from,to) API

Node URL.format(urlObject) API

Node URL.format API

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