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Newgen Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus for Software Engineer)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2017
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Newgen  Software came to a college for pool drive Software Engineer profile. (Eligible branches-CSE and IT).

Round 1:(Online Round)
32 students were shortlisted from our college. Criteria was 90% above in 10th and 12th class. B.Tech criteria was 75% above.

The first round consists of  75 questions in 90 minutes.  The MCQ’s focused mainly on technical, aptitude and English.

Sections- Aptitude (25 Questions->25 minutes), Verbal(25 Questions->25 minutes) and Technical(25 Questions->25 minutes)

Shortlisting of candidates based on sectional cut-off.

Do focus to score high marks in technical part as it has highest weight age.

Aptitude section has the lowest weight age as I left 8 questions not attempted.

Round 2: (Psychometric Test)
22 students were shortlisted after first round.

Basic behavioral questions but it is a elimination round.

Round 3:(Technical)
Results were declared after 10 days. 18 students were shortlisted and were called to their Noida Office.

First question was to find second largest element from an unsorted array.

I gave him 3 approaches with time complexity and space complexity. He was impressed

(Tip: Start from the worst algorithm to best algorithm and try to interact with interviewer)

2nd question was remove duplicate elements from sorted and unsorted array.

For unsorted array I gave him a answer of unordered_map with O(n) solution.

They were hiring for Java profile but being not proficient in Java, he calmly listened and asked basic question.

After this difference between String and StringBuffer class.

Basic SQL queries of join, left join, right join etc.

Round 4(HR):
1-Tell something about yourself?

2-Why do you want to work with Newgen?

3-Tell about your areas of improvement?

4-Normal questions regarding family background, academics and extra-curricular activities.

5-What is your weakness?

(Tip-Do prepare this 🙂 )

6-Any job offers?

(Tip-Try to involve HR in your discussion)

12 students were shortlisted including me.

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