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Neebal Technologies Interview Experience for Trainee Software Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2022
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The company Visited our Campus and it had 4 Rounds. 1. Aptitude 2.Coding 3. Technical Interview 4. HR.

  • Aptitude: The questions were pretty simple, you can use any Online Platform Common Aptitude Questions to prepare for it. It was pretty basic.
  • Coding Round: This consists of 2 Coding questions and you need to solve any 1 out of them, to be selected for the next round.
  • Technical Round 1: Firstly you are asked to introduce yourself and they prefer students who know java or at least the basics. I was not sure about my Java Skills thus I said that I don’t know java much (Never do this, let the interviewer decide.) As I mentioned, they asked me about my project and the languages I know. Since my project was in ML, the interviewer didn’t have much to ask. Thus they asked me:
  • What are Pandas? 
  • Difference between C and C++?
  • How does memory allocation work in C++ and what are pointers in C++ (I knew this in Java too, so I related this question and also talked about memory allocation in Java.) Since I was getting comfortable talking about java.
  • The next questions asked were:-
  • What is OOPS? , Inheritance, Polymorphism with example.
  • Is Java a 100% Object Oriented language ?
  • What is Exception Handling in Java and how it is done? ( I was not able to answer this.
  • Then they asked me questions related to Data Structures like:- What is a queue and What is a stack? , and how they are different?
  • After this, they asked me what is Binary Search and to explain its logic.
  • Coding Questions: 
    • Any Sorting Algorithm explain + code (I only said the logic as the code was long and they wanted quick answers)
    • Factorial of a Number ( I was able to code this but it was not efficient wrt to time & Space).

As I had some basic mistakes in my first Technical Round, Thus there was a conflict between my interviewers (there are 2 of them) regarding my selection. Thus I was sent for a Technical Round 2, where all my peers directly went to HR.

Technical Round 2: It started with my Introduction (there was a Software Developer with 10+ years of experience taking this Interview). This feels more like they were testing my logic. 

  • The Interviewer Specifically asked about 1 project from my resume, which was sarcasm detection. 
  • He asked me if we can build a Similar one to Detect sarcasm and bullying from a social media platform. If yes, then explain the concepts used and why?
  • If my Models can run offline, if yes then how?
  • They asked me to write a Function from Scratch to generate a random no OTP. (Note: You can’t use any pattern or Calculation as it can be easily hacked), (Hint: You can use time) the interviewees try to help you a bit here by saying either yes or no or sometimes some more hints.
  • You have a 50 Floor building and 4 lifts in it. Give an algorithm that can make it very efficient such that I won’t have to wait too long. (Here you might not receive any help.)
  • This whole Interview was more about giving the logic than a code.
  • Then I was asked if I know Data Structures, If yes then exactly which. I replied with Priority Queue, Min Heap, Max Heap, Stack, and Linked List.
  • The questions asked from Data Structures were :
  • List the Linear and Non-Linear data structures from what’s mentioned above.
  • What is Linked List and how is it different from Array?
  • If the Linked List is stored randomly then how it is linear (here they try to confuse you but be strong with your conceptual depth.)
  • Explain Stack to a 5-year-old. (Make sure to include concepts of Push, pop, top, overflow, and underflow).

I was able to answer all the questions without taking much time, thus my interviewer was really impressed. 

  • We later discussed the other Algorithms that exist in the 50floor and lift problem.
  • HR Round: As usual this round begins with my Introduction, what I did during the lockdown and in 3 years of my Engineering. 
  • The HR talked about the company culture and more info about the bond and the company.
  •  She asked why I want to be a Developer, What are my Long term and Short term goals, and Where I see myself in 3 and 5 years.
  •  Then they asked about my Family background and Members’ occupations etc.
  • I gave feedback to the Interviewer that I didn’t like the part where the Questions asked in 2nd Interview were way too difficult and advanced compared to Round 1.
  •  Also, all other peers of my college were selected on the basis of Common Interview and coding Questions (factorial, reverse a string/number, find maximum no in an array, etc.) where I had to go through so Logical as well as Data Structures based questions.
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