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Nagarro Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 02 Feb, 2023
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I’m a final-year student. I appear in Nagarro through college placement. Then I got an email about the online assessment of Nagarro.

First Round – (Aptitude + Technical): This was an online round, conducted on the Mettl Platform. It consists of 25 MCQs of aptitude and 15 Data Structure and Algorithm questions. Mostly 90% of questions are from GeeksforGeeks, I always choose to study on GeeksforGeeks so I easily clear that round. Basically, if you have a basic and clear understanding of Data structure and algorithms, then it’s easy to clear that round.

Second Round – (Coding Test): This round was also conducted on the Metll platform. This round is totally based on coding. There are so many choices in language, so you can easily select the language in which you are comfortable in. There are Five problems to solve. I choose Python to solve the problems. The problems are ranging from easy to hard.

  • Planning the Street
  • Reverse String
  • The Card game
  • Escape from jail
  • Cheat ways

I solved 4 problems out of five. The next day I got the selection mail for an interview.

Third Round (Technical Interview): Firstly interview asks me to introduce myself. And then he asked what your preferred language. My preferred language is python so I told him Python then he start asking questions.

  • what is python? Interpretable or not
  • Picking and unpickling
  • If you are creating a Facebook Dummy which data structure will you use?
  • If you are creating Ludo which Data Structure will you use?
  • OOPs Concept
  • difference between stack and queue 
  • DDL, DML commands
  • The time complexity of sorting algorithms
  • A mandatory condition for binary search
  • what is recursion
  • Linear data structure
  • delete, drop, truncate

Then share his screen and show a linked list and ask how to find the nth element from the last in one iteration and another question from the Binary Search Tree. I answered all the questions. That was all!!

Thank you GeeksforGeeks to become the best platform, and for helping me to qualify for all the rounds. If you are preparing for Nagarro then GeeksforGeeks is the best platform, to get placed.

All the best!!!

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