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Nagarro Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

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Nagarro software company visited our campus. I am writing this so that it might hep others around 290 students appeared for this. 

Round 1: 
written round consist of two papers both pen and paper based and answers to be fill in omr. paper 1 consist of analytical questions like profit loss, speed, 10th class geometry problems based questions there were total 25 questions. 
Paper2 consist of only coding input/output questions of c there were 20 questions 

Round 2: 
there were three questions u have to write only pseudo code for that . 
1-> given a starting point in a 2d array of size X Y you have to rotate subarray of size N starting from given starting point. 

2-> there are a lot of strings like “ab” , “bc”,”cd”,”ad” and u have to find the longest string can be made like ab+bc+cd = abcd = 4(answer) but keep in mind that ending character of first string should be first character of next string. 

3-> this questions also on array given an array of size m * n .and every row of array is sorted and contains unique element but different rows can contain same element present in other row . u have to sort the array and remove the duplicates and store in 1 1D array . 

Technical round: 
Cross questions based on pseudo code u have written and on their complexities. and then he asked me another 2 questions 
1- given a string consisting of various words . reverse all the string and words by 2 methods. 

2- given an sorted array of size n and there is another array of 2n also contain elements in sorted order . merge these sorted arrays and remove duplicates if any .the resultant array should also be in sorted order. 
do this by 3 methods. 

HR round: 
Basic questions like tell about yourself and questions about project. 

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Last Updated : 19 Jan, 2022
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