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MiQ Digital Interview Experience for Software Engineer Intern (On-Campus)

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There were a total of 4 rounds (1 MCQ Test+2 Technical Interviews + 1 HR Interview)

Round 1( MCQ Test): It contain MCQ on DBMS, OS, OOPs. Test is of one hour. Only 19 were selected for round 2 out of 350

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): Fully based on coding, it is of one hour. The questions asked were:

  1. Search in a rotated sorted array.
  2. Repeat and Missing Number Array.
  3. Right View of a Binary Tree.
  4. Reverse a linked list
  5. N – Queen problem.

Only 8 were selected for round 3 out of 19

Round 3(Technical Interview 2 – HM Round): Basic questions from OS, DBMS, CN, and OOPs. Implementation of LRU Cache with explanation. Only 5 were selected for round 4 out of 8

Round 4( HR Interview – Value Fitment Round): General HR questions like why MiQ, 

  • How do you see yourself after 5 years, 
  • Why did you choose CS/IT stream, 
  • Tell me about your leadership skills etc.

Verdict: Selected

Only 2 were selected.

Note– I prepared from Geeksforgeeks company-wise questions that part is a gem and Strivers SDE Sheet (

I would say those who are preparing concentrate more and more on DSA that will help you to get through the interview.

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Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2021
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