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Mindtree Interview Experience for Software Engineer (C1) | Off-Campus 2022

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 04 Jan, 2022

This was an off-campus drive, First round was an online coding round. We are given 3 levels of questions with 2 questions at each level. We need to solve at least one question at each level. The coding questions were easy-medium type. After 2-3 days I got a mail that I cleared round 1 and my interview will be scheduled for the last week of December.

Technical & HR Round: Previously Mindtree used to take TR and HR separately but for us, they took at once. The interview was on WeCP platform, it has an inbuilt code editor in it.

  1. Introduce yourself (I said my introduction and gave a gist about my projects)
  2. Techstacks used in your projects?
  3. Explain constructor and destructor
  4. Explain Virtual functions?
  5. What are Macros?
  6. What are static methods?
  7. What are Data Structures? Explain them?
  8. Explain final Keyword.
  9. Do you know Python? (Yes, Basic)
  10. Explain tuple.
  11. Explain Memory management in Python.
  12. What are your current semester subjects? (Cloud computing, Data mining)
  13. What is Cloud Computing?
  14. Name a few cloud service providers.
  15. Are you comfortable relocating?
  16. Any Techstack preferred?

The interviewer was quite happy with my answers. She said that the results will be declared in 2-3 days.

I got selection mail in 3 days.

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