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MindTickle Interview Experience (On Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2019
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Recently, MindTickle visited our campus for Software Developer Role.

Co-founder of company himself came to give pre-placement talk(PPT). He delivered speech in his unique style and impressed everyone. It looked like that he can understand the feeling of students.

Round 1

This Round was on HackerRank Platform. There were 4 coding questions and we have to solve it within 90 minutes. First question was similar to this with slight modification. In second question, array of integers was given and we have to make every array element unique only using increment operator and we have to print number of times we have used increment operator. In third question, sum of every subset of array was given and we have to print the original array. For example, 0 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 was given, so we have to print 1 2 3. Forth question was same as this without any modification.
After this round 16 students were selected for F2F interview.

Round 2

First he asked to give feedback of an online test. Then he gave me one coding question. Given 2D matrix with 0 and 1. For every 0 print minimum distance from nearest 1. I solved this question using bfs. Then he asked me to print node of tree in bfs manner using dfs function. I did it in O(n) extra space and O(n) time complexity, then he told me to do it without extra space. I got stuck at this point but then he gave me hint and I solved it in O(n²) complexity. Then he asked to design file system in any language using OOP. Then he asked me some questions based on database like what the ACID property is. In last, he asked me to design IRCTC database. I designed it but it wasn’t upto his expectation.

Round 3

Since I had done my summer internship at Dailyhunt, she asked me what type of work I have done during my internship. Then she asked me to design one React Component and gave her requirement and then told me to write code of that. I wrote code on paper then she pointed out my mistake and asked me to correct it. After that she asked me one coding question, given array of integers, for each index print multiplication of every array element excluding the element at that particular index. You can’t use division operator for this problem. For example, Given 4 3 2 5, Answer will be 30 40 60 24. I made division function which takes two arguments and divides number using bit in O(logN) time complexity.

Round 4

First question was similar to this without any modification. Then he asked me to print k most frequent word from given word of stream. I solved question using hashmap. He told me to optimize further and solved it using heap and trie. Then he asked me this problem with some modification. In last, he told me to design one DBMS system. I gave 3 different approaches to solve this problem but he wasn’t still convinced.

Round 5

This was a HR round but I didn’t feel it like HR round because he was talking with me like we knew each other since long time. He asked me to give feedback of interview process and whether I can relocate to Pune or not.

In last, I was selected with my one other colleague.

Whole Interview Panel was more friendly and helpful than the interviewers I have faced during my other interviews.

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