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Microsoft Interview Experience for Software Engineer

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 May, 2021

On 3rd April 2021, I got a mail that I have been referred by some employee and so they are sending me a test link with a one-day window.

Round 1(1 hr 30 mins): The test was conducted on Mettl platform. There were a total of three questions. Two of them were based on Trie and one from the Segment tree

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  2. Given an array and q queries with range L and R. Find the count numbers such that the absolute difference between the highest and lowest (in a range) is less than given k.
  3. Don’t remember.

On 6th April, I got the mail that I have cleared my online test and will be having my interview on 8th.

Round 2(45 mins): My interview started around 12:15 pm. It started with a brief introduction. And then just one coding problem. He asked to open any compiler and share my screen. First I had to explain my approach and then write the complete code. He then gave a few test cases to check my code.

Within five minutes after completion of this round, I got the mail that I’ll be having my round 2 interview from 3:30.

Round 3(1 hr): The interviewer briefly gave his introduction and then started with the ques.

  1. What is the critical section ? Give any example.
  2. What do you mean by race condition ?
  3. How steps you take to solve critical section problem ?
  4. Concept of Virtual memory.
  5. Write and explain code for the Producer Consumer Problem.
  6. Explain approach and then write complete code for With some help from the interviewer, I was able to solve this completely.
  7. Do you have any ques for me?

In the evening I got the mail that I have cleared this round too and they’ll be scheduling my next round on coming Monday.

Round 4 (AA Discussion): (45-50 mins)

  • This round is the final and the deciding round. This person would only say a final yes or no for your selection. The interviewer was extremely humble. nice and soft spoken. He had all the details of my previous interview.
  • It started with a normal introduction. I saw that he was noting down my projects’ name and previous experience. Then he started discussion about my project and extremely detailed discussion.
  • Then we started talking about my current internship and the project I am doing currently. That was all from his side. And he asked me to ask ques now. Then we had a very detailed conversation. He was from the Microsoft Edge team and had been working for 10 years.
  • We talked for around 30 mins and then my part was done.
  • Then two days later, on the 14th I got a call from HR that they have scheduled a 15 mins HR discussion for me. I was all nervous as this round was never mentioned. The meeting started with a normal introduction and then he asked my college’s name. I told him and he said “Ok, then we’ll be sending them the mail that I have been offered FTE SWE Role”. Oh my God! On hearing this I was cloud nine. He then told me about the detailed salary compensation and it was done 🙂
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