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Microsoft Interview Experience for Software Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2022

I recently interviewed with MS Bangalore for the Azure C+AI Engineering team. Please find the questions asked below: 

Round 1(Coding):  It was 75 mins online(On co cubes) coding round consisting of 2 questions. All the questions are medium-level. And interviewer gave enough time for solving the question. Following are the questions:

  • Reverse a number.
  • Make a linked list from leaf nodes of it.

Round 2(LLD): The following round is around LLD. The interviewer asks about the DB design and API design. Discussed the multiple approaches. Following is the question

  •  Design a Calendar meeting system for 1:1 and group meetings. Where the user can see his already scheduled meeting date and time. And can book another calendar for the meetings.

Round 3(HLD): The following round is around HLD. where the Interviewer discussed end to end design of the systems. Discussed multiple design concepts like reliability, and latency.

Following is the question-

  • Design a system where users can see their near popular places. Users can add the rating and comment their though.

Round 4 (Hiring Manager): In this round, the whole discussion was around my current project, its scalability, and security issues. Also, some design principles like – types of caching and when to use which one, the difference between SQL and NoSQL – were asked.

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