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Microsoft Interview Experience 2022

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  • Last Updated : 30 Jan, 2023
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Hola Geeks!
A year back, around the month of July, I had my Pre-placement interview with Microsoft after interning for 2 months(May 16-July 8, 2022) at Microsoft during the summer. I have seen many students having doubts regarding the difficulty level of questions and the type of questions asked in PPIs. So, here’s an article for the same.

There were 2 rounds of interviews in my case. It may vary for the interns. Some might have 1 interview, some 2 or at max 3. Some might not have any interviews at all. It all depends on the manager and how they want to evaluate you, so be mentally prepared for all situations.

Technical + HR Interview: It started at 10:30 AM and lasted for around 1 hour. 

  • The interviewer was really friendly and initially asked me about my team and the work I had to do during my internship and basic HR questions like 
    • How I managed to solve problems when faced if any.
    • How I approached my team members and my dynamics with the whole team. 
  • The whole initial conversation lightened my mood and boosted my confidence a bit.
    Then we moved on to the technical part where I was asked two coding questions. 
  • The first one was a basic DP question and the second was a stack one. In both cases, I was asked to optimize my code which I did and he seemed to be satisfied with it. 
  • At the end of it, he asked if I had any questions, so I asked about his area of work and his team and with this, my first round ended.

Round 2: I waited for the second one which was scheduled at 4:20 PM and lasted for around 45-50 minutes. It was an AA (As Appropriate) round meaning the interviewer can ask anything based on his/her way of evaluation. 

  • At first, I was asked to explain my presentation and he asked questions from them followed by basic computer fundamental questions from OOPs and DBMS. 
  • Finally, the interview ended with a DSA question and a question from my side which he answered meticulously. 

I got the results after a week or so and I got the PPO. Some of my friends didn’t have to go through the interviews and still bagged a PPO. It all depends on the manager. 


  • All you need to do is focus on the work assigned to you and work cohesively with the team members and have a good relationship with the manager and keep him updated with your work and doubts if any.
  •  Microsoft has a good work environment and the work hours are flexible as well. 
  • At the same time, revise DSA concepts side by side and basic CS fundamentals just to be in touch with the concepts after your work hours. 
  • Everything else will sail smoothly.  

All the best!

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