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Microsoft Interview Experience (1.5 Years Experienced)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2022
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Recently Got a call from Microsoft. HR asked about my current work and experience and provided me an update on the procedure for Microsoft Hiring. The process consists of 5 rounds(1 coding round, 3 technical discussions, and 1 managerial discussion).
Coding Round:- This round consists of 2 questions on codility platform. Questions are of easy level, one is debugging, and for one, you have to write code.

After this round, I got a call that there is one day process for Microsoft will happen, and 4 rounds of interviews in one day.

Round 1:  This round consists of 2 questions. I will be given a timeslot availability of the calendar for 24 hours, random time slots will come, and I have to write an API, that will book the slot if it is available and return -1 if the slot is not available. API should look like this:- int check availability(int start, int end)
I have to check the overlapping conditions also, after a certain period of time, the data will be sent to another API, that will return the available time slot in 24 hour time. One part of the question was this:-

 Define data type of time(this is the enhancement of the previous question).
Find all the nodes in a binary tree that are at k distance from leaves.

Round 2: This round started with my discussion of projects(15 minutes discussion). After that, we proceed to design a Notepad type of editor. This editor consists of the following API:

a– Insert(Insert the word)
b-delete(string word)
c-copy(int pointer)
d-paste(int pointer)
e-undo( 10 operations allowed)
f-redo(10 operations allowed)
Need to design the class diagram, composition, and functionalities.

Round 3: This round consists of a technical discussion about the tech involved in my projects.

Later on, we moved to a binary tree, and they asked me to write down code for level order traversal, and skew order traversal. 
After that, he asked to reduce the space complexity. I had proceed to solve it and code it also. Please check the link to the question for reference.

Round 4: This round was more of a behaviorial+ technical round. I was asked HR questions mostly and also 2 technical questions to code.

(maximum continuous sub-array)
Print occurrence of duplicate element in reverse order. Input:- 1 2 3 3 2 1 4 4., output:- 4 1 2 3
Verdict:  Selected.

Be confident and be active, don’t jump to solve the question, ask for more input from the interviewer, and ask valid questions. Be polite.

Practice a lot! All the best!

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