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Microsoft Engage Program Interview Experience for Internship 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2022
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Microsoft came in April with its Engage 2022 program.

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • 2024 Pass outs , Btech in CSE and Circuital Branches

Selection Procedure: 

  • The first round was a screening round where people were shortlisted based on their resume and CGPA.
  • Second round was an MCQ based test on DSA , OOPS , CS fundamentals. The test consisted of 30 mins with 20 MCQs, there was no negative marking.
  • Next was an online assessment round with only 1 question and 30 mins. The question was a variation of the ROD CUTTING Problem with a slight variation. We were required to write the approach and pseudo code.


Selected: For the Engage 2022 Program among 3000 other candidates from different colleges.

Engage 2022 Program: 

  • Shortlisted people had to work on a month-long project along with the mentors assigned to them.
  • One mentor was assigned to 30 students.
  • The 3 topics of the project was Image Recognition, other was Recommender System and one was on Database.
  • There were regular assessments during the program. At the end we had to submit the project repo along with the 4-minute video demo describing the project. Based on the project, performance in assessments, and mentor feedback, some students got direct internship offers while some got interview calls.

Way of Preparation: I used GeekforGeeks to complete an interview preparation course for  DSA, OOPS, and CS core subjects and followed Striver, and Code Help on YouTube.

FINAL VERDICT: Selected for 2023 SWE Intern at Microsoft


  • What played a vital role in my selection was mentor feedback. 
  • Experienced Microsoft employees were assigned and each mentor had 30 students under him from various colleges. 
  • I made sure that I interacted well with him and regularly got my project reviewed by him and probably that made a good impression in front of him. 
  • Also there was a list of guidelines mentioned about the projects, all of which were vital in final grading, regarding video demo and project submission.
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