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Microsoft Azure – Using the Log Analytics Scope in Azure Monitor

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  • Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2022
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Pre-requisite: Azure VM

Log Analytics is a service in the Azure portal to enable monitoring and capturing logs of resources in a database for monitoring and analyzing results. It is also used to manage the agent’s configuration across azure services.

In this article, you will learn about how you can choose an Azure Log Analytics Workspace Scope in Azure Monitor service to collect the log information or to analyze the data collected in the log analytics database.


Follow the step below to implement Log Analytics scope in Azure Monitor:

Step 1: Log in to Azure Portal with your azure user credentials.

Step 2: Search for Azure Monitor Service from the azure global search engine or directly select Azure Monitor service from the portal menu.

azure montior


Step 3: Once you access the Azure Monitor from the left page menu search for Logs and click on Logs to run the queries.

monitor logs


Step 4: Now, from Log Section, Select Scope >> Select your target subscription where your Log Analytics is present Select your Log Analytic Workspace Resource and then Click on Apply.

 Log Analytic Workspace Resource


  • Advanced Filter – Select Resource Type and Check Box the Log Analytics Workspace 
Select your desired scope


Step 5: Once the selection is done. Now run your KQL sample queries in the Azure monitor to test the service. Refer below perf query result as a sample.

Note: If you are not getting any then troubleshoot enabling the log analytics agents configuration or diagnostic settings.

Sample Query Output


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