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Microchip Interview Experience

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There were two panels present for the interview. First, they asked me to introduce myself. Next were the work-related questions. 
Then they started asking questions related to python.

  • How to access any file in a python program.
  • How to find a certain pattern in this file using python
  • How the dictionary works and the syntax of the dictionary
  • How to sort the dictionary values alphabetically and different functions related to the dictionary

Then they asked which language you are more familiarized with and started asking questions related to C

  1. Diff Static memory allocation Vs Dynamic memory allocation(give more detail for this question in case they ask in an interview like how memory allocation happens in both cases and examples)
  2.  Examples of dynamic memory allocation
  3. .Diff between malloc() and malloc()
  4.  Diff between structure and Union (they asked to share the window and asked to write the syntax for both)
  5.  How memory is allocated in both the above cases
  6. Next was about pointers(Guys learn pointers from basics and more and they many questions related to pointers)
  7.  How allocation happens
  8.  What are dangling pointers, NULL pointers, and Void pointers
  9.  Show the example for each case mentioned above(they will ask to write the code for this thing).
  10.  Simple question about the linked list
  11.  Next was file handling in C
  12.  The syntax for file handling and an example showing how it is used in a C program

I have covered mostly all the questions asked in the interview.
Now after all these technical questions, they asked about the projects mentioned in the resume. (SO be careful about what you put in your resume, at least you should know all the details about the project, once in an interview, one panel asked me to write the main part/code function of the project normally they don’t ask to write the code in some exceptional cases they ask. don’t take it seriously you can skip this question)

What tools were used in this project, what language was used etc will be asked.
Whatever things are mentioned in the resume will most probably be asked in the interview. So please don’t exaggerate in your resume. Even if there are not many things in the resume it’s fine. They will focus on your skills mostly rather than your resume.

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Last Updated : 06 Mar, 2023
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