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Medlife Interview Experience (On Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2016
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Online Test: It was a Technical Round. (I didn’t attend this. I went for Interview of this company through Walkins)
Interview consisted of three rounds.

Round 1:
1. Insert a node in a Linked List, if a pointer to a node(it’s not a head pointer) of Linked List is given.
2. What is the Time Complexity of Binary Search and it’s derivation.
3. Write code for QuickSort.
4. Write code for Fibonacci Series using Recursion, Iteration and Dynamic Programming.

Round 2:
1. How to implement an operation with Stacks which will be similar to Queue.
2. Write code for MergeSort
3. 2 types of detective ball puzzles.
4. 25 Horses, 5 Tracks, 3 Fastest Puzzle
The below question is based on your knowledge and intuition
5. How the letters of a text are determined(Basically about OCR)

Round 3:
1. Write code for Insertion Sort and Selection Sort and find their time complexities and also the cases where their usage is efficient.
2. Explain about Counting Sort.
3. When we type a part of a word in chrome, how is it able to show all the types of words, which are consisted of that part.

There was no HR. But in each round they asked different types of questions like:
1. Why are interested in Programming (I mentioned them, that I am interested in Programming)
2. How do you want your carrier to be.

And I would like to mention some of the websites which are also useful:
1. hackerrank
2. hackerearth
3. mycodeschool
4. puzzleworld
5. saurabhschool
6. ideserve
7. nptel(intro to data structures and algos)

Suggestions :  Best way to learn is to discuss a lot with others, so you will get different views. And don’t worry if you have less CGPA (that’s not the primary criteria over which a company selects). All The Best.

I am very much thankful for geeksforgeeks. Keep continuing your good service.

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