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Round 1: Algo round

  • Given a sorted array, find two values a and b which sum up to x. I told use binary search, he said optimize it. I couldn’t do it, he gave hint array is sorted so consider that. I thought of restricting the search by pre-calculating lower_bound of x.
  • Find nth element from last of singly-linked list. Use two pointers.
  • Given a string. Find all permutations of string, sort them and give index of particular string in the sorted list. I couldn’t get how to find all permutations (See this), but I explained the other parts of the question. For index, I told him we can use some math like formula for finding no. of permutations starting with a particular letter.
  • Given a matrix of size n x n. Cells (i, j) and (j, i) are 1 if person i shakes hand with person j. Find all groups of people i.e. if person i shakes hand with person j and person j shakes hand with person k, then {i, j, k} is one group. I tried to explain union-find algorithm to him, but I wasn’t able to explain him clearly. So, he told me to use DFS like approach, I tried to tell him the complete algorithm but then time limit reached and he said time’s up.

Round 2: F2F (Tech) round

  • Questions about my resume – work and projects.
  • He gave a SQL query to do based on my project. In my project I had used XML, so he asked me to design schema if SQL has to be used instead. Then based on that schema he asked me a query which I couldn’t solve.
  • Find top 10 max elements given a structure of string and float values. Use priority queue.
  • How will be resolved? DNS resolution steps. Then, he asked, how many GET requests will be sent? I was not sure and said 1 request should do. He then asked how will server know what to send based on just 1 request, I didn’t knew how.
  • Difference between process and thread. Can a process be invoked from a thread? I wasn’t sure of this.
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Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2019
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