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Round 1: The first round consisted of three coding questions to be solved in 1 hr –

  1. Given a string of size ‘n’. The task is to remove or delete minimum number of characters from the string so that the resultant string is palindrome.See here
  2. The problem is to count all the possible paths from top left to bottom right of a mXn matrix with the constraints that from each cell you can either move only to right or down.
  3. There is a big Kingdom with n connected cities and m roads between these cities and some roads are got damaged and some are good.King of the kingdom wants to repair roads in such a way that repairing cost is minimum and each cities remain still connected.Repairing cost of each road is given and if road is good don’t need to repair that road.You need to output minimum cost required.

It was actually an on campus drive for directi people who solved 2 questions were called for directi interview process.
The rest who solved 1 question were sent a mail from the advertising branch of directi i.e the further interview process at the position of Web Developer.

The process included 3 skype interview rounds.All of them were functional coding rounds.


Round 2:Programming(45 min)
It was totally based on programming .They asked 3 questions in which they were slightly increasing the difficulty of the questions one after the other.The questions were really simple the interview went on for around 45 minutes in which the interviewer directly started asking the question after a little introduction.The questions were.

  1. Given an sorted array find the most farthest element form the mean of the array.(O(n))
  2. The second question was about finding the fibonacci  numbers.(O(n),recursive)
  3. The 3rd question was to calculate the power function (x^y).O(log(y))

All the questions were really simple but there main focus  was to see your approach to the problem and the extent to which you can optimize the problem. First show the worst approach and then make your way to optimize the problem.The interviewer was really friendly and helped wherever I stuck.


Round 3:Programming + Web Development(60-75 min)
This round also started with 2 programming questions which were slightly difficult then the first round.The programming questions were

  1. Find the smallest positive integer value that cannot be represented as sum of any subset of a given array.(O(n))  It was something like finding the sum subset problem

  2. Given a 2D matrix, print all elements of the given matrix in diagonal order. Starting form the top left till the bottom right element of the array.

Till here i was able to answer all the questions in round 1 and round 2 But after this he started asking other questions related to web development and oops which was my weak area.The questions asked were

  • He asked about various tags and elements of HTML,Also asked about form.
  • He asked about validating email in javascript as it was a part of one of the projects that i had done after this he asked me to write the regex of validating email id.
  • Then he moved to OOP concepts, asked me about some general concepts which i was able to answer like inhertence ,polymorphism etc.
  • Then he moved a bit deeper and asked me about interfaces,final methods, exceptions ,abstract class ,difference bw abstract class and interface,singleton class,MVC design pattern and some more difficult questions which i was not able to answer properly.So i him that i don’t know much about these things
  • After that he asked me a little about my Projects and the interview ended.

Round 4:Web Development(45 min)

I got week for studying for this round.And he did not asked any programming question in this round as i was able to solve all the programming questions till this level.It was like a normal interview in which he asked me to introduce myself .I told him about my projects and area of interest.He was a very nice guy who motivated me in the entire interview wherever i stuck.

The interview started form my project which was basically a website.He asked me about the various tables that i had used in the database.He asked a little about the back end and the connectivity.

Then he moved to session handling and cookies we had a 5-7 minute discussion on how cookies and session work,how the user is able to login and some other things.I told him about start_session,destroy_session and the other commands that i had used on my website.

Then he asked me about DNS and how we access the website form our machine.What are the steps involved and the internal working.IP addresses of different websites.He asked me about the working of accessing and told him about the sub-domain and top class concept.Then he asked me about SSL and why do we need it .Further we discussed about Amazon EC2 and S3 services how they work and all.He also asked me about the cloud and its working

This article have been contributed By DON_001


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Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019
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