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Related Articles interview Experience | Set 2 (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2018
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I gave offcampus interviews for for the profile of Web Developer. Here are the questions asked.-

Round 1 (via skype)
Question- Given a numeric rank pattern and a character string, find how many substrings follow the rank pattern. Each character in every substring of pattern length can be given a rank/order value based on its actual ascii value.
String(s): ACBADCAE

I gave an approach with complexity O(string length(log(pattern length) + pattern length))

Round 1 Again(via skype)
Given a string which only contains lowercase. You need delete the repeated letters only leave one, and try to make the lexicographical order of new string is smallest.
example 1-
You need delete 1 ‘b’ and 1 ‘c’, so you delete the first ‘b’ and first ‘c’, the new string will be abc which is smallest.
example 2-
answer is acdb not adcb.
hint – use stack and frequency array

Round 2(Technical F2F)
1) Find whether a linked list is palindrome
2) Problem on find shortest path from a to b , use dijiskta
3) Find second largest element in a bst
3) Find time of second meeting of 2 ducks moving at 10km/hr and 18km/hr in opposite direction along the circumference of a circular pond. Initailly they are present at any pair of diametrically opposite points. radius of pond is 7km

Round 3
1) Discussion on what is the need for cookies/sessions in web applications (include points related to HTTP being stateless). Where are cookies stored(in browser). Where is session data stored(at server)

2) Find validity of any given sudoku state based on standard defined rules- uniqueness in row, uniqueness in column, uniqueness in 3*3 matrix.

3) Given 2 buttons red and blue and a number n, when you click on red, n becomes double and when you click on blue n gets decremented by 1. Find out minimum number of clicks requried to reach m from n.

Round 4
1) One puzzle – draw a square with double the area of an existing square and covering the existing square such that the corners of existing square lie on the edges of new square.

2) Find the missing card in a deck of 51 cards- lot of discussion on number of iterations/comparisons required and the memory required( minium memory required is 52 bits, can fit in a long long(c++/c+), long(java))

3) Right shift a string k times circularly, but do it inplace(no extra variable size memory)-
geeksforgeeks lnks-,

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