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Measuring 6L water from 4L and 9L buckets

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Question: Suppose you have a 4 liter jug and a 9 liter bucket . The buckets have no measurement lines on them either. How could you measure exactly 6 liter using only those buckets and you have as much extra water as you need ?

Consider 2 buckets one 4L and other 9L. : Bucket 1 (4L) and Bucket2 (9L)

First fill the 9L bucket fully. : 0 L and 9 L

Pour the water into 4L bucket. : 4 L and 5 L

Empty the 4L bucket. : 0 L and 5 L

Repeat this twice. : 4 L and 1 L

Now you will left with 1L water in the 9L bucket : 0 L and 1 L

Now pour this 1L into the 4L bucket : 1 L and 0 L

Refill the 9L bucket. : 1 L and 9 L

Now pour the water from 9L into the 4L bucket until it fills up. : 4 L and 6 L

Now you are left with 6 L water in the 9L bucket.

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Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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