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MathWorks Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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MathWorks visited the campus on 6th August 2021 for FTE as well as internships. Here I’m going to explain the interview process for the FTE offer.

Round 1(Online Test):- The first round was an online test round. The test consisted of 44 questions in total. It included the following sections

  1. Mathematics section:- Few basic mathematics-related questions have been asked.
  2. CS fundamentals section:- In this section, they asked questions from OOPs, DBMS, and OS.
  3. C/C++ MCQ section:- This section requires in-depth knowledge of C++ syntax, STL, and OOPs in C++.
  4. Java MCQ section:-  Medium level Java MCQs have been asked.
  5. Python MCQ section(Bonus section):- Mostly they asked Numpy, Pandas, and syntax-based questions and input/output questions.
  6. Coding section:-  There were 2 coding questions

Coding Questions were:

  2.  You’re given an array of strings. Now you can pick any word from the array and start forming a chain of words. You can delete one character from the string provided the new string should also exist in the array. Then you can perform the same deletion operation on the new string and continue unless and until you find a string from where no deletion can be performed. Find out the maximum length of the word chain that can be formed in the array.

Now in the coding section, the main challenge was that you’ve to answer the 2 questions in 2 different languages. Suppose you answer the first question in C++. Then you can not answer the second question in C++. You have to opt for Java/C/Python for that.

So in order to clear the online test, the student should have a basic knowledge of all the 3 programming languages(C/C++, Java, Python).

Round 2(Group Discussion Round):- After the online test, 50 students were shortlisted for the group discussion round. There were groups of 5 students. 

  • In my group, the topic for group discussion was a skillset required to grow in corporate life. 
  • This was again divided into 3 sub-rounds. 
  • In the first round, all the students were given chance to share their opinions. 
  • In the second sub-round students have been asked to share some innovative thoughts about the topic. 
  • In the third sub-round students were given chance to debate with the other students on the topic although it’s a gd round.

Round 3(Technical Round):- First they went through my resume and asked me to explain my project in brief, what technologies were used to develop the project. 

  • Then they asked me to choose two programming languages. I opted for C and C++. 
  • They shared HackeRank online shareable IDE and presented some input/output questions on C++ OOPs. 
  • Questions were of medium-hard difficulty level. 
  • The student should have a strong foundation of OOPs in C++. 
  • Then they asked me to explain polymorphism in brief with practical examples. Then they switched to DSA questions. 

They asked 3 questions from DSA

  3. You’re given a binary string. You can perform at max ‘k’ operations on the string. In one operation you can take any substring and reverse the substring. You have to find what is the maximum length of a substring containing only ‘1’s after performing at max ‘k’ operations.

I’ve been asked to justify the time and space complexities of all the approaches.

Round 4(Managerial Round):- First the manager asked me to introduce myself. 

  • Then he started asking some behavioral questions. Like, tell me a situation where had a conflict with team members and sorted the situation. Tell me a situation where you didn’t know about any solution to a problem but you handled it. 
  • Tell me a situation where you showed leadership in a team. 
  • Tell me how would you handle stress and pressure in an organization. 
  • Tell me some of the initiatives that you’ve taken in your life. 
  • These are the questions that were asked to me and finally, I was given the opportunity to ask him questions. Here my suggestion is to be as much formal as possible and fluent while speaking and keep your points short.

Round 5(HR Round):- This was the last round and the HR was really friendly and humble to me. He first introduced himself and asked me to do the same. He made me comfortable with him by asking about my health conditions and college life. Then he asked me about my projects. Several questions were there from my project like

  1. Tell me what motivated you to pick that topic of the project.
  2. Was it a solo project or done in a team?
  3. What kind of challenges you faced in the project?
  4. How did you deal with the challenges?
  5. What are the feedbacks of your professor regarding your performance?
  6. What are the suggestions of your professor to you?
  7. How did you improve yourself by following their suggestions?

Then he asked about their EDG(Engineering Development Group). This is one of their programs for fresh graduates. He asked me to tell him whatever I know about this program. Finally, he asked to me question him if I’ve one.

Finally, the FTE offer rolled out. I got selected for the software developer role.

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Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2022
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