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MathWorks Interview Experience for EDG (On-Campus)

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Selection Process: There were a total of 5 Rounds and each round was an elimination round!

Round 1(Online Test – 44 questions | 1.5 hr):

  • Mathematical Reasoning | Aptitude Test – (Logic, Graph Theory | Bayes Theorem | Probability)
  • Programming Skills Set (Time Complexities of Algorithm | Sorting Techniques )
  • Two preferred Languages out of (C, C++, Java, Javascript)
  • C- (Basic syntax, dynamic memory allocation, pointers(*imp))
  • C++ – (OOPS concepts, major from polymorphism, virtual functions, keywords use)

Two Coding Questions –

  1.  Longest String Chain:
  2. Beautiful Arrangement )(Both in different Languages)

Bonus Section- Python Questions  

Round 2(Group Discussion – 15 min):

  • Topics were: Blended Education (Online + classroom) in the era of pandemic, EDG program.
  • Three rounds : (1) Everyone got 30 sec to speak (2)Additional input for 30 sec (3)Debate Round

Round 3(Managerial Round – 1 hr 15 min): This round started with a brief introduction of the candidate. 

  • Later questions were derived from the introduction itself. 
  • Give them proper and articulate answers in brief.Asked to explain one of my projects and what tech stack was used. Then questions about EDG program, previous work experience, time management, team work, and other basic questions were asked.


  • Never give contradicting statements, make them to the point, and be confident with a smile on your face.
  • Try not to sound confused.
  • There will be cross-questions on every of your answer.
  • Think twice before speaking.
  • You can ask them for 1 minute to prepare for an unusual question. 
  • There are times when you feel you are losing it but these are the testing times. Keep speaking something relevant.
  • Don’t make them think that you are making an artificial answer.
  • Do good practice before appearing.

Round4(HR Round – 30 min): This round focussed on basic HR questions relating to time management, work ethics, uniqueness, strengths, and weaknesses, etc.

Round5(Technical Round – 1 hr 15 min): This round started with a brief introduction, about me, about my projects, tech stack, Why I choose such stack? 

  • Then it started with my knowledge about data structures.
  • What are your favorite data structures?
  • What is a Linked List?  
  • How is LL different from array?
  • Implementation of dynamic memory allocation using malloc, calloc, realloc?
  • Tested thorough Knowledge in OOPS and pointers in C.

Was asked Pseudocode for Coding problems:  

  1.  Left Leaves sum of binary tree: 
  2. Sorting an array using flip function:

Result: Selected

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Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2021
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