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Mathworks EDG Program Interview Experience | On-Campus

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Mathworks conducted an online test on 13th August, Friday in our college, out of which around 25 people were shortlisted.

Coding Test: The online coding test (90 minutes) had MCQs and 2 coding questions. We had the liberty to choose any 2 languages out of C, C++, Java, Python.

  1. The first coding question was “Reduced Fraction Sums”.

    Given a string describing an arithmetic expression that sums 2 fractions in the format a/b+c/d, compute the sum and fully reduce the resulting fraction (i.e. e/f), then save the reduced fraction as a string in the form of e/f, 

    1/2+1/6 = 4/6, 
    which we can reduce to the string 2/3
    A vector of strings containing 
    the arithmetic expressions
  2. The second coding question was Tom and Jerry in a Maze. We had to find the shortest distance that tom has to travel to read Jerry’s position while covering all the cells that contains cheese. (BFS)

25 people were shortlisted for fulltime role after the online test. 

On 16th, there was a 30 minutes PPT session about the EDG Program, followed by Group Discussion (30 mins), and HR(40 minutes) , Managerial(40 minutes) and Technical interview(65 minutes).

These interview rounds may happen in any order depending on the availability.

Group Discussion: Topic for group discussion was “What is you understanding about the EDG program, what do you like about the EDG program, what do you think are some challenges, top 3 reasons to join EDG program”

Every round is an elimination round (We were a group of 6 members, 2 were eliminated)

HR + Managerial: HR (40 minutes) and Managerial (40 minutes) rounds were almost similar for me, the same set of questions were asked :

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Tell me about your internship and your work there.
  3. Since you’re already interning, you will get a PPO there, why join Mathworks?
  4. Tell me about your projects
  5. Your areas of interest and which domain you want to join in Mathworks
  6. Location preference – Bangalore or Hyderabad ?
  7. What are some qualities that you feel your manager should have?
  8. What are some areas of improvements? He expected both technical and personal areas of improvement
  9. What do you know about EDG and why do you want to join ?
  10. What factors do you consider to join a company? Why not join your current company?

and more questions which I  cannot recall.

Technical Interview (65 minutes): I was shared a link to hackerrank coding platform. I was again asked to introduce myself, and talk about my internship experience, my areas of interest, language I am comfortable in. I was asked how confident are you in OOPs.

  • He asked to design and implement an abstract class, create a child class inheriting that class, and create an object of child class by keeping the constructor as private. When I took some time to figure out how to create an object of a class with private constructor, he gave hint to use a static function. 
  • He asked about what is the use of virtual, what is inline function and how does it help in reducing the function call overhead, what do you know about OOPs, what is the default access specifier in a class. 
  • Then he asked me to create an array of the child objects inside the static function. He then asked me to show him runtime polymorphism using the 2 classes.
  • Later he asked how to get factorial of a number recursively. What is the number of negative?
  • He asked to dynamically create a 2D char array using malloc or new.
  • He asked me what are function pointers, where are they used. He then asked me what are lambdas, where are they used, write a simple lambda to get sum of 2 integers.
  • He then asked me to write a simple function in python (to check if I am comfortable with python)
  • He then asked me what are linked lists, what are trees, what are their applications.

Out of 25 students, 3 fulltimes were selected.

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Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2021
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