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MathWorks EDG Program Interview Experience for Internship 2022

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  • Last Updated : 17 Mar, 2023
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There were total 3 rounds :

  1.  Online Assessment
  2.  GD Round
  3.  HR Round

Online Assessment had 4 sections which were nearly 90 mins in total :

  1. . Aptitude -Basic math, problem-solving, logical reasoning.
  2.  Questions around Programming concepts – OOP, data structures, and operating systems.
  3.  2 programming languages MCQs (choose 2 out of the 4) – (C, C++, Java, JavaScript)
  4.  Two Coding questions
  5.  Bonus Section: Choose 1 out of 2 – (MATLAB, Python) – basic syntax, data, and programming concepts. (I chose python as I was having some knowledge of that)

Now let’s talk about coding questions :
We were told to code the question in different languages. So I coded the first question in C and the second one in C++, you can choose any two. the question was very similar to 

  • Maximum Difference Between Increasing Elements 
  • The second question was of nearly medium difficulty around the stack, I don’t remember the question now.

8 students were shortlisted for further rounds, and I was one of them ( thanks to god).

Then we had a pre-placement talk, they talked about their EDG program and showed a presentation about their company and EDG program. We were told to attend it carefully because in HR rounds questions can be asked about their EDG program. ( knowing about the EDG program before would give you an edge ).

Then there were two rounds: GD and HR round.

It was knock out based round, which means students selected from the GD round will go to further rounds. We were called together in one meeting and were asked to give our points on Team Work and what qualities Team players should have. (This round was about 15-20 minutes) No one was rejected from this round.

Then we were called for the HR round.

The interviewer gave his introduction, and I asked him to do the same, to make me comfortable. They were standard HR questions, and he asked about things that were written on my CV. although it was not a technical round seeing lots of technical things around C++ and DSA, he asked me about virtual functions and asked me to explain the OOPs concept in brief. after a few hours, the final list of the selected list came, 7 were selected and I was one among them.

Points to keep in mind :

  • Prepare things that are in your resume.
  • Go through the company’s website and see and know what the company does.
  • Read interview experience, they helped me a lot, surely it will also work for you.
  • Never lie to the interviewer he will always cross-question.
  • You can have mock interviews also with your friends, I was doing this with my friend. It will remove hesitation from interviews.
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