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Mathworks EDG Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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Round 1: Online Test: 90 min

Round 2: Group Discussion: 15 min

  • Topic: Teamwork and individual work. 
  • 2 rounds:
    • Everyone got to speak one by one for a minute to give their thoughts on the topic.
    • In this round chances were given based on the sequence of hands raised, to give additional inputs about each other’s thoughts.

Candidates shortlisted for interviews had their next 3 rounds in random order:

Round 3: Managerial Round: 45-50 min: This round started with my introduction. After that, the interviewer suggested I give my answers using examples of experiences I had. Some of the questions were:

  • My understanding of EDG.
  • Areas of improvement (both personal and technical).
  • The situation when you have a disagreement with the mentor/team member.
  • Location preference
  • How do you manage your time when many things are piled up?
  • How do you handle pressure situations?
  • Tell me a situation when you were on the edge of the deadline.
  • What excites you the most about MathWorks?

Round 4: Technical Round: 60 min: The interviewer shared the link to the hackerrank IDE. Then he started pasting code snippets and asked me for the outputs with proper reasoning. Codes were related to basic C and C++ concepts and OOPs concepts. Some of the output questions were related to:

  • Dynamic memory allocation in C/C++
  • Malloc, Calloc
  • Struct vs Union vs Enum
  • Use of header file #include, how the compiler uses it while executing the code.
  • What is the difference between
    • #define count 10; and 
    • const int count = 10;
  • Oops concepts: Polymorphism- compile-time and run-time
  • Pointers and sizeof(pointers)
  • References
  • Abstract class and Virtual function
  • Const keyword, static keyword, etc.

Some basic questions on data structures such as:

  • What are a Binary Tree and a Binary Search Tree?
  • Search element in a Binary Tree as well as Binary Search Tree.
  • Write the code for both and explain the worst-case time complexities.
  • Implement Queue using Stacks approach then code. 

Practice the output questions related to c, c++, pointers, static keywords, etc. as they look very confusing when you don’t have enough practice. 

Round 5: HR Round: 30-40 min: This round started with both of our introductions. Then the interviewer asked me general HR questions. Some of them are:

  • Tell me about the situation when you had your own plans, but there are some urgent came up, so how did you handle that thing? 
  • What you will do when there is a conflict between two of your team members in a discussion, how will you respond to it?
  • Tell me a situation when you got some work on the technology to which you are new.
  • What is your location preference? Bangalore or Hyderabad and why?
  • You have some unfinished tasks and the deadline is near, but you also have some weekend plans with family, what would you do in that case?

Verdict: Selected

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Last Updated : 03 Oct, 2022
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