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Topic :

GCD and LCM :

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Prime Factorization and Divisors :

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Fibonacci Numbers :

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Modular Arithmetic :

  1. Modular Exponentiation (Power in Modular Arithmetic)
  2. Modular multiplicative inverse
  3. Modular Division
  4. Multiplicative order
  5. Find Square Root under Modulo p | Set 1 (When p is in form of 4*i + 3)
  6. Find Square Root under Modulo p | Set 2 (Shanks Tonelli algorithm)
  7. Euler’s criterion (Check if square root under modulo p exists)
  8. Multiply large integers under large modulo
  9. Find sum of modulo K of first N natural number
  10. How to compute mod of a big number?
  11. Modulo 10^9+7 (1000000007)
  12. How to avoid overflow in modular multiplication?
  13. Find (a^b)%m where ‘a’ is very large
  14. Find power of power under mod of a prime
  15. Number of solutions to Modular Equations
  16. Recursive sum of digits of a number formed by repeated appends
  17. Find value of y mod (2 raised to power x)
  18. Modular multiplicative inverse from 1 to n
  19. Find unit digit of x raised to power y
  20. Given two numbers a and b find all x such that a % x = b
  21. Exponential Squaring (Fast Modulo Multiplication)
  22. Subsequences of size three in an array whose sum is divisible by m
  23. Distributing M items in a circle of size N starting from K-th position
  24. Discrete logarithm (Find an integer k such that a^k is congruent modulo b)
  25. Finding ‘k’ such that its modulus with each array element is same
  26. Fibonacci modulo p
  27. Maximum subarray sum modulo m
  28. Trick for modular division ( (x1 * x2 …. xn) / b ) mod (m)
  29. Count number of solutions of x^2 = 1 (mod p) in given range
  30. Breaking an Integer to get Maximum Product
  31. Program to find remainder without using modulo or % operator

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Catalan Numbers :

Euler Totient Function :

nCr Computations :

Chinese Remainder Theorem :

Factorial :

  1. Factorial
  2. Legendre’s formula (Given p and n, find the largest x such that p^x divides n!)
  3. Sum of divisors of factorial of a number
  4. Count Divisors of Factorial
  5. Compute n! under modulo p
  6. Double factorial
  7. Count trailing zeroes in factorial of a number
  8. Factorial of a large number
  9. Primorial of a number
  10. Find the first natural number whose factorial is divisible by x
  11. Count numbers formed by given two digit with sum having given digits
  12. Generate a list of n consecutive composite numbers (An interesting method)
  13. Expressing factorial n as sum of consecutive numbers
  14. Find maximum power of a number that divides a factorial
  15. Trailing number of 0s in product of two factorials
  16. Print factorials of a range in right aligned format
  17. GCD of factorials of two numbers
  18. Largest power of k in n! (factorial) where k may not be prime
  19. One line function for factorial of a number
  20. Find all factorial numbers less than or equal to n
  21. Find the last digit when factorial of A divides factorial of B
  22. An interesting solution to get all prime numbers smaller than n
  23. Calculating Factorials using Stirling Approximation
  24. Check if a number is a Krishnamurthy Number or not
  25. Find a range of composite numbers of given length
  26. Smallest number S such that N is a factor of S factorial or S!
  27. Maximum value of an integer for which factorial can be calculated on a machine
  28. Smallest number with at least n digits in factorial
  29. Last non-zero digit of a factorial
  30. Smallest number with at least n trailing zeroes in factorial
  31. Count natural numbers whose factorials are divisible by x but not y
  32. Count digits in a factorial | Set 1
  33. Count digits in a factorial | Set 2
  34. No of Factors of n!
  35. Count factorial numbers in a given range
  36. Program for factorial of a number

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Prime numbers and Primality Tests :

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Set Theory :

Sieve Algorithms :

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Divisibility and Large Numbers :

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Series :

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Number Digits :

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Triangles :

Algebra :

Number System :

Misc :

  1. Tau – A Mathematical Constant
  2. Interquartile Range (IQR)
  3. Simulated Annealing
  4. Break the number into three parts
  5. Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG)
  6. Square root of a number using log
  7. Find ways an Integer can be expressed as sum of n-th power of unique natural numbers
  8. N’th palindrome of K digits
  9. N-th root of a number
  10. Fast Fourier Transformation for poynomial multiplication
  11. Find Harmonic mean using Arithmetic mean and Geometric mean
  12. Number of visible boxes after putting one inside another
  13. Generate a pythagoras triplet from a single integer
  14. Double Base Palindrome
  15. Program for Derivative of a Polynomial
  16. Sgn value of a polynomial
  17. Represent a number as sum of minimum possible psuedobinary numbers
  18. Program to print table of a number
  19. Compute average of two numbers without overflow
  20. Round-off a number to a given number of significant digits
  21. Convert a number m to n using minimum number of given operations
  22. Count numbers which can be constructed using two numbers
  23. Find Cube Pairs (A n^(2/3) Solution)
  24. Find the minimum difference between Shifted tables of two numbers
  25. Check if a number is a power of another number
  26. Check perfect square using addition/subtraction
  27. Number of perfect squares between two given numbers
  28. Count Derangements (Permutation such that no element appears in its original position)
  29. Print squares of first n natural numbers without using *, / and –
  30. Program to evaluate simple expressions
  31. Generate all unique partitions of an integer
  32. Random number generator in arbitrary probability distribution fashion
  33. Program to convert a given number to words
  34. Make a fair coin from a biased coin
  35. Generate integer from 1 to 7 with equal probability
  36. Print all combinations of balanced parentheses
  37. Print all combinations of points that can compose a given number
  38. Implement *, – and / operations using only + arithmetic operator
  39. Program to calculate area of an Circle inscribed in a Square
  40. Program to find the Area of Pentagon
  41. Program to find the Area and Volume of Icosahedron

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