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Mastercard Interview Experience for software development (On-Campus) 2022

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Round 1: Coding round: Two questions were asked:

  • Question 1: Read input from STDIN and check if that string is a pangram or not. Here first, we have to read sentences and not just words, so the use of getline() function was required. (easy) here is link to problem
  • Question 2: Given two numbers x and y, we have to return the sum of all even numbers between x and y. (easy)

Round 2: Technical interview-1

  • Introduction
  • Questions based on OOPs( 4 pillars of oops and their real-life example), DBMS( ACID properties)
  • What is partition tolerance in CAP properties on NoSQL databases?
  • Question about technologies that I used in my projects ( React, Javascript, Node, Firebase, GCP, etc)
  • Then the interviewer asked me to write pseudo code to find min and max in an array.
  • Asked me about my hobbies and sports that I was involved in.

(Interviewer was cool and very impressed with my work at the internship)

Round 3: Technical interview-2(project-based and situation-based questions)

  • What is REST API
  • Asked me how I used Google map API in my project
  • Some basic questions about git and GitHub
  • What will you do if one of your team members is not working, and his performance is very low?
  • When to use SQL and NoSQL databases, why you have used firebase for your projects

(Interviewer was a bit serious, but I answered all questions, so far so good)

Round 4: HR round

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why you want to join Mastercard
  • Talk about any topic be it political, technical, etc. for 3 mins( this stirred my soul, my brain froze for a second)
  • Tell me about your contributions to college personal interest groups

(I was not able to give good and precise answers to these questions.)

I got rejected in the HR round. 15 students from our college were selected.

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Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2022
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