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MAQ Software Interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2021
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Total Round -4

Eligibility : CSE/IT Branch with 60% and above in 12th and college

Round 1: Aptitude round of 30 question of 1 mark each with negative marking of 0.25 which were easy to moderate mostly about speed-time etc.

Round 2: 4 coding questions to be done within 1 hour, this was also easy to moderate but speed is the key.

Round 3(Technical Interview):  At first interviewer asked me about the project , technology used and questions related to projects. 

  • After that he gave me a basic coding question which was to write a program to find factorial of a number using recursion. 
  • Then he asked about database and questions about joins. 
  • It went well and interviewer was nice and friendly.

Round 4(Technical Interview 2): The interviewer was nice and friendly he asked me about Java concept OOPs, data structure, etc.

  • Then a coding question which was find nth number of fibonacci series using recursion it was over in 17 min then he asked me a logical question which was there are 3 jars containing apple ,orange and mixture of both respectively , each one of them has label on them but they are mislabelled , so i can only see one jar and then put correct label on them. 
  • There was one more round after that but i was selected in this round only.
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