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MAQ Software Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus)

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Round 1: Online Assessment (18 Qualified out of 250+ applications): There were 3 coding questions, 1 SQL question, and 16 MCQs based on Aptitude and basic core subjects. The result came after two days and I qualified for the personal interview. The Personal Interview was scheduled at MAQ Software Office, Noida.

Round 2: Technical Interview: First I was asked to explain my projects. My project is based on Deep Learning. He then asked some questions about Machine Learning basic concepts.

  • Coding 1: Maximum sum of an array if we don’t take adjacent elements.
  • Coding 2: Write code for function overloading and function overriding, explaining with examples.
  • Coding 3: Snake and Ladder Problem.
  • Coding 4: Valid Parenthesis.
  • Coding 5: Write a SQL query to perform A-B without using the minus operation.
  • Coding 6: N-Queen Problem. I told him about the intuition for 4 Queen Problem.
  • Coding 7: Spiral Traversal of a matrix.

The interviewer was friendly and helped me in between. I gave the brute force approach for the 1st coding question and for the remaining coding questions I gave him the optimized approach. The interviewer just wanted me to explain the logic and write pseudo code. 

After 1 hour HR told me that I qualified for the technical round and the next round is the managerial round. This round lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

8 Students cleared this round out of 18

Round 3: Managerial Round: 

  • Coding 1: Given a string write a running code to decode that string. From the example we need to find the pattern and then for any given string we need to decode it.
  • Coding 2: Given a string we need to remove the adjacent same character using recursion.

The interviewer just wants the running code and the logic. After this, I got some theoretical questions based on OOPS, DBMS, and OS.

  •  ACID Properties.
  • Delete, Drop and Truncate
  • Why Normalization and de-normalization?
  • Difference between Primary key and foreign key
  • 3NF and how it is better than 2NF.
  • ML Concepts as I mentioned in my resume. 
  • Questions are like Supervised and unsupervised learning, Classification and regression, Activation Functions, Loss Functions, etc., All the questions are based on my project.
  • Thrashing 
  • OOPS four pillars
  • Difference between Multiprogramming and Multithreading
  • Why Java is not 100% OOPS.
  • Why Virtual Memory
  • The life cycle of a process.

This round lasted about 1 hour. 2 Students Cleared the round and got selected.

Round 4: HR Round for congratulating the two of us. After some time results came and 2 students got selected out of 8.

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Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2023
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