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MakeMyTrip Interview Experience for SDE-1 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2022
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Hi all, I will share the selection process and interview experience for an off-campus offer from MakeMyTrip Bengaluru for the SDE1 role.

First, talking about how I applied: I was active on LinkedIn from the beginning and was trying all the opportunities posted there by people for freshers. I don’t remember the exact date, but I got some posts related to the opening at MMT in May 2022. Then I asked for a referral from one of the employees, and successfully he referred me. After that, in June, I got the test link and then scheduled 3 rounds of interviews. I finally got the offer.

So total, there were 4 rounds (including OA and HR rounds)

Round1 – (online assessment): Platform – HackerEarth. Total there were 22 questions – 2 coding + 20 MCQ

  • Coding questions – I do not remember the exact questions. There were two moderate-level questions based on DP and graph, and I solved both questions (passed all the test cases).
  • MCQ – 20 questions from CS subjects like DBMS, OS, CN, SQL, OOPs, some output-based questions, and some aptitude-type questions. ( I solved almost all the questions).

Round2 – DSA and problem-solving round (26 June 2022, after 2 weeks from OA)

  • He started with an introduction and asked me for an Introduction, then he looked into my resume and asked about my internship experience and the projects I mentioned in my resume. He also asked about my final year B.Tech projects and a few questions about the tech I used.
  • He gave me 2 questions and asked me to give logic first, then time and space complexity, and finally asked me to implement that on online ide.
    • question 1:
    • question2: for both the questions, I first gave a brute force approach, then he asked to optimize it and finally implement it. It went for 1hr 10mins, and the interviewer was happy with my approach.

Round3 – Managerial + Technical round ( Team fitment) (30 June 2022)

  • I started with an Introduction, and then he checked my resume and asked about my internship experience and all the tech stacks I have worked on.
  • He asked me to write the code to generate all the permutations of a given string. I gave him the recursive approach and told him the time complexity, he asked to implement it, and finally, he checked the approach with different test cases and asked what to do for repeated results. I suggested storing all the generated results in a set. Successfully my code was working on all the test cases, and he was happy.
  • He asked to do a dry run on one of the test cases, and I did it by drawing a recursion tree and explaining that in detail. He was satisfied with the explanation.
  • He moved on to the CS subjects and asked for OOPs, then OS, DBMS, and finally CN. I have a good command of all these subjects so was able to answer all the questions.
  • A few questions I remembered were – the difference between threads and process, why process synchronization, deadlock, the difference between SQL and NoSql DBMS, in which language MongoDB is written, Different layers in CN, the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, what happens when you search something, how to secure your site? How the data of a site can be leaked? And some more which I don’t remember right now.
  • It went for 1hr 20mins, and then he asked if I had any questions, I asked him about my role and responsibilities as a fresher at MMT. He said not to worry about that and explained all the teams in detail.

Round4 – HR round (final round – 30 June 2022)

  • It was a phone call from the HR side. She said Congratulation, You have been selected for the role, and asked a few questions related to hobbies and interests, asked about location references ( Bengaluru/ Gurgaon), then about availability, and at the end of the day, I got the offer letter.


All the rounds were of medium level. If you are working on your problem-solving skills, have at least done all the most popular questions, and have good knowledge of DSA and CS subjects, then you can easily pass all the rounds and be selected. You need to be confident during the interview and try to ask for hints if stuck somewhere. Think aloud during problem-solving.

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