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Mahindra Comviva Interview Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2019
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Round 1:Online Test

Mahindra comviva visited our college for hiring, for the product developer profile, 1st round was 15Mcqs + 2 coding questions on hacker earth platform, MCQ consists of 5 aptitude and questions based on CN, C. only 8 of us get shortlisted for 2nd round it’s in their office in Bangalore.

Round 2:  2 technical rounds.

In which at the beginning they asked to introduce myself,and they told to explain my projects and they asked questions related to OS, Data Structure, and DBMS.
like :
what is fragmentation,paging, multiprogramming, multithreading, context switching, scheduling algorithms,etc and questions related to Dynamic allocation of memory, how you detect a loop in a linked list etc. 
In the 2nd tech round they again asked me to explain my project and question related to it, and some basic OS questions.and 2 of us selected for the HR round.

Round 3: HR Round

It was a Telephonic round they asked me to tell about myself? and how was the interview process? hobbies? and normal HR questions and finally 2  of us got selected in the HR round.

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