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Top 101 Machine Learning Projects with Source Code

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As we know, these days, Machine Learning gained a lot of popularity and become a necessary tool for research purposes as well as for Business. It is a revolutionary field that helps us to make better decisions and automate tasks. In this tutorial, you find the top 100+ latest projects and Ideas on Machine Learning Which are beneficial for both beginners and experts. These projects are specially made for the students that start their journey in Machine Learning and Data Science.

Top 101 Machine Learning Project with Source Code

Machine Learning Project with Source Code

We mainly include projects that solve real-world problems to demonstrate How machine learning solves these real-world problems like: – Online Payment Fraud Detection using Machine Learning in Python, Rainfall Prediction using Machine Learning in Python, and Facemask Detection using TensorFlow in Python. These projects provide a great opportunity for developers to apply their knowledge of machine learning and make an application that benefits society. By implementing these projects in data science, you be familiar with a practical working environment where you follow instructions in real time.

Machine Learning Project for Beginners

The interesting discipline of machine learning has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. It is an application of artificial intelligence that allows a system to learn from the past and develop over time without explicit programming.

We’ll look at some of the best new machine-learning projects for beginners in this section. Each study deals with a different set of issues, including as supervised and unsupervised learning, classification, regression, and clustering. They are simple to grasp and learn from because they are straightforward to follow and have access to the source code. Beginners will be better prepared to tackle more challenging tasks by the time they have finished reading this article and have a better understanding of the fundamentals of machine learning.

  1. Wine Quality Prediction
  2. Credit Card Fraud Detection
  3. Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning
  4. Recommendation System in Python
  5. ML | Heart Disease Prediction Using Logistic Regression
  6. Prediction of Wine type using Deep Learning
  7. IPL Score Prediction using Deep Learning
  8. Dogecoin Price Prediction with Machine Learning
  9. Detecting Spam Emails Using Tensorflow in Python
  10. SMS Spam Detection using TensorFlow in Python
  11. ML | Credit Card Fraud Detection
  12. Python | Classify Handwritten Digits with Tensorflow
  13. OCR of Handwritten digits | OpenCV
  14. Recognizing HandWritten Digits in Scikit Learn
  15. Identifying handwritten digits using Logistic Regression in PyTorch
  16. Cartooning an Image using OpenCV – Python
  17. Count number of Object using Python-OpenCV
  18. Count number of Faces using Python – OpenCV
  19. Text Detection and Extraction using OpenCV and OCR
  20. Zillow Home Value (Zestimate) Prediction in ML
  21. Sales Forecast Prediction – Python
  22. Python | Customer Churn Analysis Prediction
  23. Calories Burnt Prediction using Machine Learning
  24. Vehicle Count Prediction From Sensor Data
  25. Analyzing selling price of used cars using Python
  26. Box Office Revenue Prediction Using Linear Regression in ML
  27. Online Payment Fraud Detection using Machine Learning in Python
  28. Customer Segmentation using Unsupervised Machine Learning in Python
  29. Bitcoin Price Prediction using Machine Learning in Python
  30. Flipkart Reviews Sentiment Analysis using Python
  31. Loan Approval Prediction using Machine Learning
  32. Loan Eligibility prediction using Machine Learning Models in Python
  33. House Price Prediction using Machine Learning in Python
  34. ML | Boston Housing Kaggle Challenge with Linear Regression
  35. Stock Price Prediction using Machine Learning in Python
  36. Stock Price Prediction Project using TensorFlow
  37. Handwritten Digit Recognition using Neural Network
  38. Human Scream Detection and Analysis for Controlling Crime Rate
  39. Medical Insurance Price Prediction using Machine Learning in Python
  40. Parkinson’s Disease Prediction using Machine Learning in Python
  41. Spaceship Titanic Project using Machine Learning in Python
  42. Inventory Demand Forecasting using Machine Learning in Python
  43. Ola Bike Ride Request Forecast using ML
  44. Rainfall Prediction using Machine Learning in Python
  45. Waiter’s Tip Prediction using Machine Learning
  46. Autism Prediction using Machine Learning 
  47. Bitcoin Price Prediction using Machine Learning in Python
  48. Predicting Stock Price Direction using Support Vector Machines
  49. Fake News Detection using Machine Learning
  50. Fake News Detection Model using TensorFlow in Python
  51. Predict Fuel Efficiency Using Tensorflow in Python
  52. Microsoft Stock Price Prediction with Machine Learning
  53. Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python
  54. Facebook Sentiment Analysis using python
  55. CIFAR-10 Image Classification in TensorFlow
  56. Black and white image colorization with OpenCV and Deep Learning
  57. ML | Kaggle Breast Cancer Wisconsin Diagnosis using Logistic Regression
  58. ML | Cancer cell classification using Scikit-learn
  59. ML | Kaggle Breast Cancer Wisconsin Diagnosis using KNN and Cross-Validation
  60. Share Price Forecasting Using Facebook Prophet

Machine Learning Project for Advance

We have discussed a variety of complex machine-learning ideas in this section that are intended to be challenging for users and span a wide range of topics. These subjects involve creating deep learning models, dealing with unstructured data, and instructing sophisticated models like convolutional neural networks, gated recurrent units, large language models, and reinforcement learning models.

  1. Multiclass image classification using Transfer learning
  2. Ted Talks Recommendation System with Machine Learning
  3. Python | Implementation of Movie Recommender System
  4. Movie recommendation based on emotion in Python
  5. Image Caption Generator using Deep Learning on Flickr8K dataset
  6. Music Recommendation System Using Machine Learning
  7. Speech Recognition in Python using Google Speech API
  8. Voice Assistant using python
  9. Intrusion Detection System Using Machine Learning Algorithms
  10. FaceMask Detection using TensorFlow in Python
  11. Dog Breed Classification using Transfer Learning
  12. Flower Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network
  13. Emojify using Face Recognition with Machine Learning
  14. Cat & Dog Classification using Convolutional Neural Network in Python
  15. Traffic Signs Recognition using CNN and Keras in Python
  16. Residual Networks (ResNet) – Deep Learning
  17. Lung Cancer Detection using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
  18. Lung Cancer Detection Using Transfer Learning
  19. Black and white image colorization with OpenCV and Deep Learning
  20. Pneumonia Detection using Deep Learning
  21. Detecting Covid-19 with Chest X-ray
  22. Next Sentence Prediction using BERT
  23. Hate Speech Detection using Deep Learning
  24. How can Tensorflow be used with the abalone dataset to build a sequential model?
  25. Skin Cancer Detection using TensorFlow
  26. Human Activity Recognition – Using Deep Learning Model
  27. AI-Driven Snake Game using Deep Q Learning
  28. Age Detection using Deep Learning in OpenCV
  29. Face and Hand Landmarks Detection using Python
  30. Detecting COVID-19 From Chest X-Ray Images using CNN
  31. Fine-tuning the BERT model for Sentiment Analysis
  32. Image Segmentation Using TensorFlow
  33. Sentiment Classification Using BERT
  34. Sentiment Analysis with Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
  35. Age Detection using Deep Learning in OpenCV
  36. Autocorrect Feature Using NLP In Python
  37. License Plate Recognition with OpenCV and Tesseract OCR
  38. Detect and Recognize Car License Plate from a video in real-time
  39. Heart Disease Prediction using ANN
  40. Python | NLP analysis of Restaurant reviews
  41. Restaurant Review Analysis Using NLP and SQLite

FAQs on Machine Learning Projects

Q. What are some good machine-learning projects?

For beginners, recommended machine learning projects include sentiment analysis, sales forecast prediction, and image recognition.  

Q. How do I start an ML project?

To start a machine learning project, the first steps involve collecting data, preprocessing it, constructing data models, and then training those models with that data.

Q.  Which Language is used for machine learning?

Python and R are most popular and widely-used programming languages for machine learning.

Q. Why do we need to build machine learning projects?

We need to build machine learning projects to solve complex problems, automate tasks and improve decision-making.

Q. What is the future of machine learning?

Machine learning is a fast-growing field of study and research, which means that the demand for machine learning professionals is also growing. 

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Last Updated : 10 May, 2023
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