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M.Tech CTARA IIT Bombay Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2019
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Round-1: Written:
There were two papers for round one, 1st paper was of 30 min and contains general aptitude questions and questions from the material given by IIT Bombay before the exam. The reading material consists of four papers published by professors.

  1. ‘Two Questions Concerning Technology’ (Excerpt from ‘An introduction to Science and Technology Studies’) by Sergio Sismondo.
  2. ‘Can Technology End Poverty?’ by Kentaro Toyama
  3. The economic consequences of Nehru’ by Pulapre Balakrishnan
  4. ‘Technology design as if development mattered’ by Anil Date

The 2nd paper was of 1 hr and 30 min and it consists of reading comprehension, some general questions, and quantitative questions.
They have called 800 people from all branches, for written test, around 500 appeared for the test at IIT B.

After written exam there was a briefing about CTARA, ongoing projects and contribution of technology to society especially in rural areas, by the HOD and other Professors. Then the result was announced at 9’o clock on the same day for the people shortlisted for the next round. 100 people were called for next round i.e interview.

Round-2: Interview I:
For the interview, they have asked to bring SOP and Report of a visit to some government organization such as hospital, railway station, etc.

There was 4 panel for the interview, I was called after 20 min, I went inside the interview hall there were 2 professors sitting, then they asked for an introduction. After that First question was why CTARA? I told them about why technology is important for rural development and since CTARA is working in that field makes me enthusiastic about it.

Then one of them asked me if I have worked for some projects in this field. I told them about one of my projects on IOT. Then they asked for the report of the field visit, I do not new much about which kind of report to make so I had written only 3-page report, one of them instantly asked about why you have written such small report. At that point I was clueless and tried to justify myself.

Then they asked some basic question from CSE branch, in which I gave GATE. After that there were some more questions about land measuring quantity conversion. Then my interview was over. At that point I knew report part will cost me. They has sortlisted 50 people for next rond of interview.

Round-3: Interview II:
This round is only to ensure that they have got correct person and you are ready to work for CTARA. Also they want to take those people who will not left in between and are really intrested for CTARA. Result of this round is announced on COAP, which is common platform for admission in IIT through GATE.

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