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Lumen vs Phalcon

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  • Last Updated : 06 Nov, 2022
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With the beginning of the information era, every sector is expanding at a fast rate and this generates the need for scalable and high-performance platforms. Developers are also building applications at a fast rate with the help of frameworks to fulfill the customer’s need on time along with high-security features. Different programming languages have different frameworks but we will focus on the frameworks of PHP language. Two of the most used PHP frameworks are Phalcon and Lumen. So let’s compare these two.

What is Lumen Framework?

Lumen is an open-source PHP web framework, it is a micro framework that helps developers in building web applications. It is very light and does not require many resources. It was developed by Taylor Otwell for developing microservices in less amount of time. It is licensed under the MIT license.

Advantages of Lumen

  • API can be developed in a short span of time allowing faster development.
  • It is a light framework that requires minimum resources for its installation and execution.
  • It allows upgradation to Laravel from Lumen.
  • It provides a speed of 100/reps.

Disadvantages of Lumen

  • Its documentation is not organized which it is difficult to understand.
  • It is unable to create Symfony components due to a lack of Symfony framework.

What is Phalcon Framework?

Phalcon is a PHP web framework delivered as a C extension for building PHP applications without any knowledge of C language. It is written using PHP, C, and Zephir due to which it is highly customizable. It is the only framework which is known for implementing ORM (Object Relational Mapping) in C language. It is an open-source framework built by Andres Gutierrez.

Advantages of Phalcon

  • It uses the Volt template engine for better performance.
  • It allows better security due to low memory footprints.
  • It uses flash messages to notify users.
  • It separates different software components using Dependencies Injection.

Disadvantages of Phalcon

  • Documentation support is not good which makes it difficult to understand.
  • It does not have any compiled plugins.

Below is a table of differentiation between Lumen and Phalcon:




Definition Lumen can be defined as a faster, lighter, and smaller PHP framework for developing microservices.  Phalcon is a PHP framework that is based on the MVC pattern and implemented in C as a server extension.
Database Interaction It does not allow database tuning using SQL queries. Interaction with databases using SQL queries is easy.
Migrations Migrations can be easily implemented in Lumen. Migrations are complex to implement as compared to Lumen.
Source Code  Its source code is available at GitHub at Its source code can be found on GitHub at
Root Access It does not require root access for its installation. It requires root access for its installation.
Scalability Scalability is more as compared to Phalcon.  It is less scalable.
Security Its security features are nice. It provides better security features as compared to Lumen.
Customization    Customization options are limited. It provides a large number of customizing options.


Comparing the specifications of both frameworks we can say that Phalcon is a good choice with respect to security, performance, and customization options. It lacks only a single thing which is community support. The lumen can be chosen by beginners who want community support due to a lack of advanced skills.

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