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Lodash | _.differenceWith() Method

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  • Last Updated : 08 May, 2020

The _.differenceWith() method is similar to _.difference() method that returns the array containing the values that are in the first array not in the second array but in _.differenceWith() all the elements of the first array are compared with the second array by applying comparison provided in third. It may be a little complex to understand by reading this but it will become simple when you see the example.


_.differenceWith(array, [values], [comparator])

Parameters: This method accept three parameters as mentioned above and described below:

  • array: This parameter holds the array that values are checked or inspect.
  • values: This parameter holds the value that need to be removed.
  • comparator: This parameter holds the comparison invoked per element.

Return Value: This method returns an array according to the condition explained above.

Example 1:

const _ = require('lodash')
let x = [1, 2, 3]
let y = [2, 4, 5]
let result = _.differenceWith(x, y, _.isEqual);

Here, const _ = require('lodash') is used to import the lodash library into the file.


[1, 3]

So, here each element of the first array is compared with each element of the second array according to the third comparator, in our case its _.isEqual. So, if the value becomes equal it removes it.

Example 2:

const _ = require('lodash');
let x = [{a: 1}, {b: 2}, 6]
let y = [{a: 1}, 7, 6]
let result = _.differenceWith(x, y, _.isEqual);


[{b: 2}]

Example 3:

const _ = require('lodash');
let x1 = [1, 2, 3]
let y1 = [2, 4, 5]
let result1 = _.differenceWith(x1, y1, _.isEqual);
let x2 = [{a: 1}, {b: 2}, 6]
let y2 = [{a: 1}, 7, 6]
let result2 = _.differenceWith(x2, y2, _.isEqual);
console.log('\n\n', result2);


Note: This will not work in normal JavaScript because it requires the library lodash to be installed.


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