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Lodash | _.castArray() Method

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  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2021

The _.castArray() method is used to cast value into an array if it is not an array.


_.castArray( value )

Parameters: This method accepts single parameter as mentioned above and described below:  

  • value: This parameter holds the value that need to be inspect.

Return Value: It returns an array with the including value passed in the _.castArray().

Example 1: This example using integer value as a parameter.  


const _ = require('lodash');
let x = 10;
let arr = _.castArray(x);
console.log("\n\nThe value returned to by _castArray(x) is", arr);

Here, const _ = require(‘lodash’) is used to import the lodash library into the file.

Example 2: This example using String, null, and undefined as a parameter.  


const _ = require('lodash');
let x = _.castArray('abc');
console.log('\n With String ', x );
let y = _.castArray(null);
console.log('\n With null ', y );
let z = _.castArray(undefined);
console.log('\n With undefined ', z);


Example 3: With no parameter, object, and function. 


const _ = require('lodash');
let x = _.castArray();
console.log("\n With no parameter ", x);
let y = _.castArray({"name":"lodash",
         "work":"I'm make js more" });
console.log("\n With object ", y);
let z = _.castArray(function hello() {
console.log("\n with function ", z);


Example 4: This example using multiple parameters, it will take only the first parameter and with an array, it will just return the same array. 


const _ = require('lodash');
let x = _.castArray(1, 2, "hello");
console.log('\n With multiple parameter ', x);
let y = _.castArray([1, 2, 3]);
console.log('\n With array ', y);


Note: This will not work in normal JavaScript because it requires the library lodash to be installed.

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