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Local Media – Introduction, Importance and Functions

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  • Last Updated : 28 Jul, 2022
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Anything from a booth at a local fair to a show you watch on TV can be called media. It specifies all means of communication.   Television, radio, and newspapers are a form of communication that reaches millions of people, or masses, across the country and the world and are therefore called mass communication.

In mass communication, media is a communication channel or tool used to store and distribute information and data. The term refers to components of the telecommunications industry in mass media such as print media, publishing, news media, photography, movies, and broadcast (radio). And TV), digital media, and advertising. Even in the Persian Empire (Chapal Kane and Angalum) and the Roman Empire, the early writing and paper development enabled long-distance communication systems such as mail, As an early medium, writers such as Howard Rheingold have assembled early human communications, such as paintings in Lascaux Cave and early writings. Another frame of media history begins with a painting of the Chauvet Cave and continues with other ways of carrying human communication beyond a short range of voices: smoke signals, way markers, and sculptures.

Local media 

The media, such as newspapers, radio, television, and cable stations, function primarily to serve the communication needs of the communities or urban areas in which they are located. Local advertisers are often offered a special discount rate for advertising in local media.

Local media deal with small issues that affect ordinary people and their daily lives. It is usually started in local groups. Many people use community radio to inform farmers about the prices of different crops and advise them on the use of seeds and fertilizers. Others make documentaries with relatively inexpensive and readily available camcorders based on the realities faced by various poor communities, and sometimes even donate the cameras to the poor to make films about their living their own lives. 

Khabar Lahariya is also a local newspaper. This is a biweekly magazine run by eight Dalit women from the Chitrakoot district in Uttar Pradesh. This eight-page magazine deals with Dalit issues and cases of violence against women and political corruption. This newspaper is popular among farmers, traders, panchayat members, teachers, and new literate women.

Media and Technology 

The designation of mass media is related to the various technologies used by the media. Changing technology and making it more modern will help the media reach more people. It also improves the quality of the sound and picture. In addition, it has changed the way we think about our lives. Television has allowed us to see ourselves as part of a larger global world. Now sitting in Chennai or Jammu one can see a storm making landfall on the Florida coast of the United States. 

Media and money 

The various technologies used by the mass media are expensive. Television studios with lights, cameras, recorders, satellite transmissions, etc.As technology continues to advance, a lot of money is spent to get the latest technologies. For this reason, the mass media need a lot of money to do their job. Most television stations and newspapers are part of large corporations. The mass media these days are constantly thinking of ways to make money. One way to earn money is to advertise different ads like cars, chocolates, clothes, mobile phones, etc.

Media and Democracy 

The press plays a very important role in providing information and discussing events taking place in the country and around the world. It is therefore an essential element of a democratic state. The media helps citizens analyze government work. On this basis, citizens can act. They can do this by writing to the minister concerned, organizing a public rally, launching a campaign for signatures, asking the government to reconsider its program, and so on.

Balance Report 

A Balanced Report is a report that discusses all the points of view of a particular story and then leaves it to the reader to decide. Writing a balanced report depends on the independence of the media. 

Independent media 

An independent media means that no one has to control and influence its reporting. No one should tell the media what can and shouldn’t be included in a story. 

In fact, the media are far from independent for two reasons

  1. The government has a good grasp of the media. This can prevent an article, movie scene, or song lyrics from being shared with the public.
  2. The media often focus on a particular aspect of a story because they believe it makes the story interesting and increases public support for an issue. 

Setting agendas 

Setting up the lore Media plays an important role in deciding which stories to focus on. Therefore, he decides what is reliable. By focusing on specific issues, media influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions and draws our attention to those issues. Because of their significant influence in our lives, the media are said to “set the agenda”. 

There are many cases where the media does not focus on the important issues in our lives. Today, the close relationship of the media with business makes it difficult to provide a balanced report. The “facts” provided by a news story are often incomplete and can be one-sided.

Sample Questions

Question 1: Would you like to write down the benefits of “mass media”?  


  1. Connections around the world  
  2. Dissemination of culture and art 
  3. Speak out unprecedented voice Stronger and weaker
  4. parts of the community 
  5. Encourage business.

Question 2: Write down the function of the “Censorship Committee”? 


The purpose of the  Censorship Agency is to prove the suitability of feature films, short films, trailers, documentaries, and theatrical advertisements to be made publicly available by viewing and evaluating them.

Question 3: How does the local media help the general public?  


Local media addresses minor issues that affect the general public and their daily lives. It  usually starts in a local group. Some people use community radio to tell farmers  the prices of different crops and advise  on the use of seeds and fertilizers.

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