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List of Important Committees in India

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2022
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In government exams like SSC, Banking, Railways, etc we find many questions from the Polity general awareness section. this is a very broad section and sometimes questions are very factual. we will cover the General awareness section comprehensively so that students can learn and get most of the questions correct in this section. In this article, we will provide a list of Committees formed in India.

Role of Committees:

  • Committees provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between members of the organization. 
  • The exchange of ideas among members may yield some suggestions and recommendations that may be useful to the organization. 
  • Current problems can be discussed appropriately and solutions sought.

Advantages of Committees:

  • Exchange of views 
  • Better coordination 
  • Balance of viewpoints 
  • Diversity of ideas
  • Distribution of power 
  • Better acceptance of decisions 
  • Better communication 
  • Management training

List of Important Committees in India:

Serial No.



1 Abhijit Sen Committee Long Term Food Policy
2 Abid Hussain Committee On Small Scale Industries
3 Ajit Kumar Committee Army Pay Scales
4 Athreya Committee Restructuring Of IDBI
5 Basel Committee Banking Supervision
6 Bhurelal Committee Increase in Motor Vehicle Tax
7 Bimal Jalan Committee  Working of capital market infrastructure institutions (MIIs)
8 Bimal Jalan Committee To decide the appropriate level of reserves that the RBI should hold
9 C. Babu Rajiv Committee Reforms in Ship Act 1908 & Ship Trust Act 1963
10 C. Rangarajan Committee To review the Methodology for Measurement of Poverty
11 Chandra Shekhar Committee Venture Capital
12 Chandratre Committee Report Security Analysis and Investment Management
13 Chore Committee Review the Operation of the Cash Credit System
14 Dave Committee Pension Scheme for Unorganized Sector
15 Deepak Parekh committee To Financing Infrastructure through the PPP model
16 Dhanuka Committee Simplification of Transfer Rules in Security Markets
17 G. V. Ramakrishna Committee Disinvestment
18 Goiporia Committee  Improvement in the Customer Service at Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks
19 Hanumantha Rao Committee Fertilizers
20 J. R. Varma Committee Current Account Carry Forward Practice
21 Janakiraman Committee
Securities Transactions
22  JJ. Irani Committee Company Law Reforms
23 K. C. Chakrabarty Committee To evaluate the financial condition of the Regional Rural Banks in India
24 K. Kasturirangan committee To head drafting committee of National Education Policy
25 Kelkar Committee  Tax Structure Reforms
26 Kothari Commission To examine all aspects of the educational sector in India
27 Khan Working Group Development Finance Institutions
28 Khusro Committee Agricultural Credit System
29 Kumarmangalam Birla Report Corporate Governance
30 MB Shah Committee To investigate black money
31 Mahajan Committee  Sugar Industry
32 Malegam Committee Reforms in the Primary Market & Repositioning of UTI
33 Malhotra Committee Broad Framework of the Insurance Sector
34 Marathe Committee Recommendation for Urban Co-operative Banks
35 Mashelkar Committee Auto Fuel Policy
36 Mckinsey Report The merger of 7 Associate Banks with SBI
37 Meera Seth Committee Development of Handlooms
38 Nachiket Mor Committee Comprehensive Financial Services for Small Businesses and Low-Income Households
39 Narasimham Committee Banking Sector Reforms
40 N.N. Vohra Committee Relations (Nexus) Of Politicians with Criminals
41 Parekh Committee Infrastructure Financing
42 Percy Mistry Committee Making Mumbai an International Financial Center
43 P. J. Nayak Committee To evaluate the governance of the board of banks and to examine selection criteria for the post of  directors and their term
44 Prasad Panel International Trade and Services
45 R V. Gupta Committee Small Savings
46 Raja Chelliah Committee Tax Reforms
47 Rekhi Committee Indirect Taxes
48 RV Gupta Committee Agricultural Credit
49 K. Santhanam Committee Establishment of CBI
50 S P Talwar Committee Restructuring Of Weak Public Sector Bank
51 Suresh Tendulkar Committee Redefining Poverty Line and Its Calculation Formula
52  Sapta Rishi Committee Development Of the Domestic Tea Industry
53 Shah Committee Reforms in Non-Banking Financial Companies (NFBCs)
54 Shivraman Committee Establishment of NABARD
55 S.N. Verma Committee Restructuring the Commercial Banks
56 Sukhamoy Chakravarty Committee To assess the functioning of the Indian Monetary system
57 Tandon Committee System Of working capital financing by Banks
58 Tarapore Committee Report on Capital Account Convertibility
59 Udesh Kohli Committee To Evaluate Fund Requirements in Power Sector
60 U.K. Sharma Committee NABARD’s Role in RRB
61 Vaghul Committee Money Market in India
62 Vasudev Committee NBFC Sector Reforms
63 Y V Reddy Committee Review Of Income Tax Rebates
64 Justice A.K Mathur commission 7th Pay Commission
65 Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Panchayati Raj Institutions
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