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Legato Health Technologies Interview Experience for ASE | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2022

Legato visited our college in December 2021. There were 3 rounds. Each round was an elimination round. All the rounds were conducted Virtually.

Round 1(Online Assessment):- This round was conducted on HirePro platform

Test Structure:-

Type of Questions

  1. Aptitude(MCQ) – 5 Questions(7 mins)
  2. Technical (MCQ) – 15 Questions(15 mins)
  3. Coding – 15 Questions(40 mins)
  • Technical MCQ Questions consisted of questions related to OOPS, DBMS, React.js and Data Structures
  • Nearly 50 Students appeared for this round and 18 were shortlisted for interview round
  • The Interview was scheduled on the day next to online test.

Round 2(Technical Interview):- Duration of Interview:- 30 mins

  • Second round began with questions based on my previous internship and projects.
  • He asked what language I was most comfortable with, I answered him C++.
  • He asked me explain the oops concepts with examples and write code for Inheritance. I was able to write the code.
  • Then he asked me to write code to check palindrome number.
  • Next 2 questions were based on DBMS Query.
  • Afterwards, he back to my internship project, asking how I debugged the code. What kind of challenges did you faced there?
  • After this round 12 were selected for next round included me and interview was scheduled on next day.

Round 3(Technical Interview):- Duration of Interview:- 30 mins

  • Interviewer was very friendly to me, Interview started by introducing each other.
  • I mentioned my past internship in my introduction. As a result, he began asking me questions regarding my internship, such as how I contributed to the project and whether I had any creative ideas for the project. I responded to each and every one of them.
  • Then he began asking questions about my college projects, which were built using flutter and firebase, such as what the architecture of the project was and how you handled request and response immediately after launching the app. He questioned about my contribution to the project because it was a group activity. I described to him how I developed role-based authentication in my project.
  • After we talked about the project and past internship, he asked if I was familiar with SQL. Yes, I said. After that, he asked me to write two queries. The first  was to identify the employee with the highest salary from the employee table, which had the attributes employee name and salary.  I wrote a query using MAX() function .He then proceeded on to the second question, which was to identify the second highest salary from the table,  I have written SELECT salary FROM employee ORDER BY salary desc limit (1,1).  Then he told me that when we have a table with thousands of rows, this query will take a long time, and he asked me to improve it. He also gave me a hint to use corelated queries, and I was able to write an optimized query after that using nested query.

Verdict: We got the result by the evening and total of 9 students were selected from my college and thankfully I was one of them.

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