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KYC Hub Internship Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 21 Jun, 2021
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Difficulty Level: Easy

Round 1(Resume Shortlisting): This is an off-campus internship. I’ve applied through the Linkedin platform. They’ll send you mail if you’re shortlisted. There are multiple roles, for the back-end and as well as front-end. 

Round 2(Online Test): Few people had this round, few didn’t where they directly went to Interview round. 

  • You’ll have Aptitude and Coding questions (easy – medium) in the online test.  
  • Anyone with little knowledge can pass this round. 
  • Later, a mail to select the interview timings will be given if you qualify. 

Round 3(Tech + HR Interview): In the interview round, Here, they concentrate on your coding skills. They prefer Java for coding language. ( You can also use various languages as well ). I was asked one coding question:

  1. You’re given a string, you need to find kth unique letter from beginning in the string in O(N) time complexity with a single iteration.
    Bangalore, k=3 
  2. They asked me to explain my projects, majorly on data science projects, since my job role was based on data analytics. Make sure you know the technologies you used in your projects. Common HR Questions were also asked.
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