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Kroll Interview Experience for ASE (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2023
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In the last week of December Kroll visited My campus they hired Associate Software, Engineer interns. Difficulty – medium

The criteria were there is no active backlog in the current semester and that overall CGPA is above 6.5 in and above 60 % in 10th and 12th. After 2 or three days they visited our campus. There were 4 rounds.

Round: 1 (Aptitude round): There were 40 questions easy to moderate level. the whole exam was 40 minutes.

  • Quant
  • Verbal
  • Reasoning

After an hour they announced the results. we are asked to attend the interview ASAP.

Round: 2 (Technical Interview Round 1): The Technical round was 45 minutes this round was an elimination round. Be confident and communicate comfortably with the TR that is what they want. In this round, they analyzed my communication skills and my problem-solving skills.

Questions they asked:

  • Introduction.
  • The programming language I am comfortable with?
  • What are my skills? as I mentioned problem-solving, DSA, and web development.
  • The next question was what are data structures? and their types?
  • Asked me a logical question about hell and heaven doors. (google it you can find the answer)
  • Asked me to reverse a string by using data structures?
  • Then the java part is like JVM and JRE.
  • Then comes the DBMS. Basic things like Drop, Truncate and Delete.
  • Asked me if I am comfortable implementing the HashMap or HashSet data structure and I mentioned yes she asked me to explain the logic.
  • Few ending note questions on the project.

Round: 3 Interview (Technical+MR ): After twenty minutes I was invited to another face-to-face interview.

  • TR introduced 
  • Ask me to introduce myself.
  • Tell me something about your project and what was your role in the project.
  • Then she asked me more about my family background.
  • More questions related to my project?
  • Java again basic questions like time complexities of sorting algorithms, JVM, and JRE.
  • Then comes the SQL part asked me about a few commands like insert and commit etc.
  • More questions on my projects and what tech stack I used to do these projects.
  • Then she asked any question from me then I ask a question from him which latest technology should i learn to be an asset for the company and what tech they are working on recently.
    My interview was around 30 minutes overall experience was good
  • the Mr asked me to say anything for 2min( make sure you only speak for 2 min)(pro tip)
  • More deep questions on my project.

Round: 4 (HR): If you reach here your chance of getting shortlisted is up to 90%. 

  • He explained the work culture of the company and a few things about the company. 
  • He was so polite and I was stunned by his way of communicating. This doesn’t even feel like an interview round.
  • Then after one or two days, I got news from my college congratulations you are selected for the profile.

I hope the above information will clear most of the doubts and if you have any doubts do write them in the comment. I will be happy to answer 

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