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JP Morgan Interview Experience for SDE Bangalore 2022

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Technical Zoom call (1 hour):

Coding question:

  • Implement stack from another data structure in Java
  • Which data structure you can choose and why?
  • Implement push, pop, top, iterator
  • Implement a view for it
  • Explain its access modifiers.

Java Questions:

  • Why Java 8? What features does it have over old versions?
  • Overloading vs overriding with examples?
  •  Base class with an int argument, inherited class with string argument – overloading or overriding?
  •  The class implements two interfaces, having the same method – overloading or overriding?
  •  Adding throws exception is allowed in overriding?
  • What is Stream API on Java
  • Map key criteria: what criteria should the key object have? toString() / hashCode() / equals() … ?
  • What do you mean about immutability?
  • How to make one object immutable?
  • How to handle / how does Java handle collisions in the map?
  • What is abstraction vs composition in Java?
  • What are concurrency and multi-threading in Java?

Spring boot:

  • What is a spring boot?
  • What do you mean by you can develop source code quickly using spring boot?


  • What is SQL join?
  • Is that true join can operate only primary keys?
  • Is that true join can be done on composite keys?
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Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2022
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