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JP Morgan Interview Experience for Quantitative Research Analyst

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JP Morgan visited our campus NIT Jaipur during the 2nd week of August. The whole process consisted of 5 rounds :

Round 1 Online Test:  Round 1 was an online test of 2 sections: The first was Aptitude and the second was a coding round. Aptitude had 3 sections consisting of overall 30 questions and 35 minutes in total:

  • Maths(8 questions): Easy-medium difficulty
  • Probability(12 questions): Medium-hard ones
  • Coding MCQs(10 questions): Easy output and coding language questions.
  • The coding round consisted of 2 questions:
    • Given a number find its power of 2 and if it is not the power of 2 then return output as -1. Eg: n=8 then ans=3 as 8 = 2^3 and if n=5, ans=-1.
    • Find the lexicographic rank of a string. (Standard interview question)

Almost 85 students appeared in the first round and 25 were selected for interview. I was one of them.

Round 2 technical interview: The interviewer asked about my intro and discussed my autonomous robot project and neural machine translation project in brief. Then asked 2 dsa questions: 

  1. Merge different overlapping intervals. Eg: Input [1,5], [2,9], [11,15] –> output [1,9], [11, 15] 
  2. Find all the unique subsets of an array that can contain duplicate elements. Eg: [4, 4, 5] —> output [{}, {4}, {5}, {4,4}, {4,5}, {4,4,5}]

I wrote code of both the questions quickly. The interview went for 35-40 minutes. Almost 15 students went forward for the next round and I was one of them.

Round 3 (Analytical Interview):  The interviewer asked for a short intro. Then asked me to create an empty class and tell the size of the object of an empty class. Then he asked me some statistical formulae and started asking me whether I knew expectations in probability. I denied it but he gave me a question about it. I said I don’t know expectations then he told me the formula and said now do it 🙂 using your thinking. I solved them but didn’t know whether they were correct (after the interview I checked and all were right). 
Next, he asked me some logical questions which tested my thinking ability. I answered them to best of my thinking and he was convinced. The interview lasted 30-35 minutes.
Only four students cleared this round, I being one of them.

Round 4 technical interview: I was asked a leetcode hard problem word ladder. I hadn’t solved it before but I came up with a feasible solution in given time complexity and wrote some code. Interviewer was then convinced and gave green signal. I had to complete the whole thinking and writing code in 15 minutes.

Round 5 HR: HR was very friendly. She asked me a short intro and then a few questions about whether I was willing to relocate and whether I am comfortable with the role. I answered yes. The role was much statistics and ml oriented and I had projects in ml to showcase my interest in the role. This interview was just for 5-10 minutes.
4 people were in the hr round and 3 of them were selected.

Within 1.5 hours, I got selection mail from the placement and training cell.

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Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2022
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