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JP Morgan Chase and Co Interview Experience for Summer Internship

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Interview Experience:  JP Morgan Chase & Co. (Software) 

JP Morgan visited our IIT Roorkee campus for Summer Internship hiring for quant research as well as Software Developer Role. I applied for the Software Developer role. 

CGPA cut-off: 7.00 

Online Test Round : (65 Minutes) 

The online test consisted of two questions. 

The first one was a simple problem based on string manipulation, word sorting using Hashmaps. 

The second one was the standard SUDOKU problem ( ). 

Those who solved both the questions got shortlisted, and those who solved only one question correctly were shortlisted based on the time they took to submit it. 

I got shortlisted for further rounds. 

Round 1: 

This one was the Technical round. They got into very much deeper into the Technical things that were mentioned in my Resume. The Computer languages I knew were – C++, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap. He literally discussed with me 10 minutes on CSS. They can get deeper and deeper into the basics of anything, you have mentioned on your resume. 

He asked me a question on the array. I started solving it by first sorting it. 

He asked – how you will sort it. I said – using STL sort function. 

He said – No, don’t use that. What else you can do? I let him know what are the various sorting algorithms, we can use. I said we can write Merge Sort for O(nlogn). He said – It’s a big code. I said – we can use quicksort. 

He said – write it! Firstly I explained to him the Algorithm. Then I began writing the code. He saw my writing approach and then stopped me to ask other questions. 

He also asked me about – API, some basics of Software Development, etc 

After 5 minutes, they called me for the next round. 

Round 2:  

This one was moreover the Business problem solving round, where they wanted me to suggest the solutions along with the technical architecture of the solutions provided. 

I suggested three solutions and explained how can I implement it. The first solution was based on hashing and sorting. The second based on Machine Learning. And the third based on Statistics. 

This round went really good. After 2-3 minutes, I got the call for the final round. 

Round 3: 

This was the HR round. 

He was really impressed by my C.G.P.A (9.22). Then he saw my Branch (Chemical Engineering). 

The first Obvious question was you have a good C.G.P.A. in this branch and you wanna do Software. Why? 

I said – Chemical branch doesn’t mean I am studying Chemistry. It’s moreover a physical science. And Software is what fascinates me. That’s why I didn’t care about the branch while getting into one of the TOP 7 IIT’s. He was satisfied with my reply. 

He asked me about my family background, my motivation, my achievements, my weakness, etc. 

And finally, he said – Let’s say you are selected, which location you would prefer? 

I said – If I get Mumbai, I would be happy since it’s my home town. Else if I got Bangalore or Hyderabad, I would love to visit new places. 

That’s all. He seemed to be impressed. 

I got to know after 3 hours. SELECTED !

– An article by Abdulahad Khan, IIT Roorkee.

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Last Updated : 26 Aug, 2021
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