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Josh Technology Group Interview Expereince for SDE (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2022
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This was an on-campus opportunity for the 2023 batch. Each round was an eliminatory round so you have to clear all rounds. There were three rounds on the same day, all were remote so you can do the tests from your place. JTG came for SDE and FE positions.

Round 1 (Objective): There were 50 MCQs regarding the DS concept and C++ output. includes concepts of the pointer, LinkedList, tree, array, and string. And other 10 MCQs that were aptitude.

Round 2 (Subjective): After qualifying for Round 1, I received the link for Round 2. There were 3 coding questions and 1 output question based on string and tree.
Coding question:

  1. Make a left child of each node odd by subtracting 1 and the right node even by adding 1.
  2. Find an element in an array whose on the left side all elements are strictly smaller and on the right is larger.
  3. Given a linked list of char. find the longest nonrepeating sub-sequence.

I did all questions.

Round 3 (Coding): I did not qualify for Round 3. but I got to know the questions were from Tree, LinkedList, and Greedy Approach. These involved a little trick to solve.

Round 4: After round 3 there are technical interviews.

In round1 around 800 students gave the test. 175 qualified for round 2. then 28 for Round 3. round 3 results are pending.

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