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JavaScript Math.atanh() Function

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2023
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The Javascript Math.atanh() function is an inbuilt function in JavaScript that is used to get the hyperbolic arctangent of a number. The hyperbolic arctangent is known by many names such as hyperbolic inverse tangent and atanh. It is the inverse of the hyperbolic tangent function i.e, The inverse hyperbolic tangent of any value says x is the value y for which the hyperbolic tangent of y is x.

if y = atanh(x)
then x = tanh(y)

We have, atanh(x) = \frac{1}{2} ln(\frac{1+x}{1-x})




  • x: Here x is a number whose hyperbolic arctangent is going to be calculated.

Return Value: It returns the hyperbolic arc-tangent of the given number.

Note: Here 2nd column contains int values which are the version of the corresponding browser.

Feature Basic support
Chrome 38
Edge Yes
Firefox 25
Internet Explorer No
Opera 25
Safari 8
Android webview Yes
Chrome for Android Yes
Edge Mobile Yes
Firefox for Android 25
Opera Android Yes
iOS Safari 8


Input: Math.atanh(-1)
Output: -Infinity

Explanation: Here output 0 is the hyperbolic arc-sine of a number 1.

Input: Math.atanh(0)
Output: 0
Input: Math.atanh(0.5)
Output: 0.5493061443340548
Input: Math.atanh(1)
Output: Infinity
Input: Math.atanh(1.2)
Output: NaN
Input: Math.atanh(-2.2)
Output: NaN

For values greater than 1 or less than -1, NaN i.e, not a number is returned. 

Example: Let’s see the JavaScripts program.


    // Here different values is being used for
    // getting hyperbolic tangent function's values.



Example: Whenever we need to get a get hyperbolic arc-tangent of a number that time we can take the help of the Math.atanh() function in JavaScript. 


    // Here different values is being used for getting
    // hyperbolic cosine function's values.



We have a complete list of Javascript Math Objects methods, to check those please go through this Javascript Math Object Complete reference article.

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